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November 11 02:38 AM

Classroom Experience - January 2018

Week of January 2, 2018

Chris Dunbar – A+ SRV – Evenings

“He has made learning this content fun and a lot easier to learn then I think I would have been taught in a normal classroom.”

Jeff Overhaug – LX – Days

“He was great.”

“Jeff does a great job of helping out and really making sure that we understand the material.”

“The instructor what great.”

“Jeff is a really fun instructor, actually my favorite so far.”

Week of January 8, 2018

Chad Johnson – A+ SRV – Days

“Chad taught a very hands on style. Made participating in learning the material fun.”

“Chad was great, I would like to have him later in the track. He is very good at bringing things together.”

“I love Chad’s personality and the way he teaches is fun and very informative.”

“Chad has mad skillz.”

“Great experience”

“I thought it was great.”

Eric Reid – DVPRO 1 – Days

“Eric was very good in providing one on one in the areas the individual team members needed. We kept him busy.”

“Fantastic…could not have made it this far without him.”

“Eric was a great instructor especially for project. He made sure to get to everyone and help push everyone along and made sure they reached important milestones.”

Jenna Beckett – FED1 – Days

“Jenna was fantastic.”

“Jenna did an amazing job of breaking down HTML and CSS to make it very easy to understand and implement.”

“There was hardly a problem Jenna could not help me solve.”

“This week was so fun. Jenna was encouraging and helpful throughout the track.”

“It was really easy to follow Jenna throughout the whole class, it was engaging.”

Caleb George – PSP – Days

“Moved at a good pace. Did a great job of following up with people that may have been behind or missed any steps. Also has great patience.”

“I like the games on quizlet for learning and your ability to help but not give out the answer.”

“Very knowledgeable of the content and describes and teaches very well.”

“You seem to know your stuff Caleb.”

“I appreciate Caleb showing us how to use the help system extensively in Powershell because when I am in the field, I know that I won’t have someone there to spoon feed it. I feel like I could write a script with minimal errors by my self.”

“Enjoyed the interaction of actually using Power Shell”

“Had enough room to work, book seems legit, liked the access to the second monitor.”

“I like that we did a lot of team activities and working together in groups.”

“Caleb was a good instructor. I can see this class helping me greatly in future jobs.”

“I Learn by doing, that is what we did was do. I have no changes to recommend.”

“I did enjoy the of days that you would walk us thru the syllabus in canvas. It put a layout of what to expect in front us and we could explore the material that Canvas has to offer during class. I often forget to use it as resource and the few mins each day we dived in was a great jump start to remembering that some of the answers i’m looking for can be found there.”

Kasama Kasemvudhi – Sec+ – Days

“He is very smart yet is able to comunicate to the student with ease.”

“He did a excellent job.”

“It is amazing how Kasama can keep you interested, his mnemonic devices are creative and memorable for hard parts of Sec+.”

“Kassama was awesome.”

“Very helpful in assuring that information is retained.”

Derek Duderstadt – TEAM – Days

“I like that we are given real-world examples.”

“Great guy!”

“Derek gave real life situations to help us grow. Very personal. Great public speaker and communicator. Makes me think for myself.”

“Derek is a very knowledgeable, caring instructor and it shows. He’s probably my favorite instructor of the track.”

“The Class Lab/project was helpful in pointing out real world issues.”

“I really enjoyed the Scrum and Agile discussions.”

Week of January 15, 2018

Chris Dunbar – SSCF – Days

“Well informed and able to discuss the content well.”

“Very knowledgeable instructor with a passion to teach and share his expert knowledge with others. Very professional and top notch abilities.”

“The instructor was able to share his knowledge and experiences with the students in a way that felt relate able and current.”

“The class was very well done. Engaging, insightful, etc.”

“Instructor was knowledgeable and presented information that was easy to comprehend for all students.”

“The instructor is a great help. He answers all questions that have been asked of him. He gives examples of real world experience that he has had.”

“I love the laid back nature of the class so far. Dunbar made it very clear that he cares about our success in the program, I appreciate that a lot and it gets me excited for the rest of the course.”

“Classroom contained all necessary equipment for learning.”

“Instructor was easy to talk to and communicated extremely effectively everything he was trying to get across.”

“I honestly can’t think of any ways to improve on this course, it was very well done.”

“The content presented was very useful and I feel it will help me very much in the future with applying for jobs and for workplace interaction.”

Jon Lindley – CSF 1 – Days (STL)

“Looks like he knows exactly what he is doing while consistently explaining how/when they will be used. Got giddy realizing a piece of coding had changed shortly ago, proceeded to tell everyone about it on break.”

“Probably one of the best/interactive teachers I have had the pleasure of having in my life in schooling.”

Matt Neilsen – SSCF – Days (STL)

“Matt is extremely knowledgeable in the field of study. I’m excited that we have the same instructor for the full four months and not rotating instructors.”

“Matt is awesome. One of, if not the best teacher i have ever had. He knows the skills we need to move forward and that is what he teachers us… I have grown more confident in this program over the little time I have spent in this class b/c of Matt. I have become more confident in the fact I can actually pass this class b/c of your instructor.”

“Matt has been great. It is nice to have someone who has real world experience to give insight on things that might not be normally taught in the course.”

“I really like that Matt is the sole instructor for this program.”

“Love having one instructor. Matt knows everything and conveys it perfectly for his students.”

“Matt is extremely knowledgeable on the subject matter.”

“First time i have been in a classroom in a while so i dont have a lot to say on it. But as of now everything is awsome idk what more i could want.”

“It was really nice to have laptop and tools provided for the class.”

“I would change nothing, matt has a great sense of humor and a vast knowledge of what we are hear to learn.”

“I learn at a little slower pace than most people. I require a little more hand holding some times. Matt is willing to answer any question i have which is awesome at a pace needed for me to learn.”

“I wouldn’t change the content. Centriq and Matt have a very well rounded and simple content set up which will make it very easy and fun to learn everything we need to know to be successful.”

Eric Reid – DVPRO 2 – Days

“Eric was fantastic. He stayed late many nights to assist us and his help and knowledge are much appreciated.”

“Eric was extremely helpful in giving us the one -on-one we needed !! He helped us with our emotional PANIC!! He stayed late with use almost every night to provide us with the help and to build our confidence!! I really appreciated him!!”

“Very Patient , Very knowledgeable”

“Very Impressed with Eric’s patience and ability to bring the class together and get the projects out the door. Excellent work!!!! Thank you for the quiet room when I needed it.”

“This was one of my best weeks at Centriq.”

Caleb George – WS1 – Days

“Really like how when you help, you give hints but not the answer and really encourage teamwork between peers.”

“Very knowledgeable of the course and always willing to go the extra step to make sure that everyone knows what is going on and how to solve the problems.”

“Caleb was very knowledgable in all of the classes that he has taught us so far. I really enjoy his teaching style and his conformation of learnings that he does and forces the class to work as a team or individually to complete something that we just went over as a class. Caleb seems like he comes from a teaching background and All in all probably one of the best teachers here, not that I have had all of them, But He does a great job of explaining and relating things so we can understand.”

“Very nice class, every thing explain thoroughly.”

“Very hands on.”

Jenna Beckett – FED2 – Days

“Jenna is extremely helpful and willing to walk you through any problems until you understand.”

“Jenna is a good instructor and very helpful.”

Derek Duderstadt – MVC3 – Days

“I appreciate Derek’s commitment, not only to the students, but to the class as well. I saw him making notes and info-graphics for use with the class and future classes.”

“Excellent instructor!!”

Karla Sharp – O365 – Days

“Knew very well the contents of the course. Was able to give clear instruction.”

“Very energetic and knowledgeable regarding Microsoft Office. Also had a great willingness to individually help the students.”

“Very good instructor who was well versed on the topic of Microsoft Office.”

“This classroom session was intuitive, insightful, and interesting. The instructor was pleasant and presented the information in a way that made sense and was engaging.”

“Teacher was very efficient in explaining the material at a fast pace that was detail orientated.”

“Great training! I love actually learning something and saying “wow”!”

Week of January 22, 2018

Matt Neilsen – A+901 – Days (STL)

“He-s awesome has lots of knowledge… Answers every question… Going the extra mile to help me and my super slow learning style. Sorry I am bad with words but on a scale of out of 10. With 10 being the best. He-s on a level of 20 at least.”

“Matt is great. I enjoy hearing about his real world experience.”

“Matt does a super good job relaying his industry experience.”

“This class is awesome, It is a lot of information but all of it seems relevant to job and everyday life.”

Jeff DeMaranville – ARTP – Days

“Great review of C#. Interview testing quizzes were great. Collections make a lot more sense. Debugging App was amazing.”

“This was a very relaxing week. I liked that we reviewed every day since it has been a while since we have seen a lot of this content.”

Chris Nuckolls – CSF Part 1 – Days

“Instructor is SME in field, takes the time to answer the questions we have, and displayed outstanding character dealing with personal issues happening during the first week of class.”

“Chris is a pleasant, personable and knowledgeable instructor that immediately captured the attention of his students during this first week of training. Very impressive!”

“One of the easiest courses I’ve ever taken.”

“Speaking for our classroom, this is a great environment.”

“Clean rooms, clean break area, awesome snacks, current equipment,”

“The best IT training I have received to date.”

Jon Lindley – CSF Part 2 – Days (STL)

“One more week with Jon, and another week I am entirely content with how this class is going.”

“Classmates are nice to be around socially and if I need any help.”

“Can’t say that I could come up with a better way for anyone to learn while being in such a helpful environment.”

“Jon is very accommodating outside of class hours for extra help.”

David Ray – ICND1 – Eves

“Good knowledge of Cisco.”

“Taught the class very well. Overall you did a great job answering all of my questions and you taught the class well!”

“I think David did an excellent job of answering questions. For confusing questions that were asked, he did an excellent job at figuring out what the person was asking. David presented himself as an expert in the field.”

“Fun interactive labs were really helpful.”

“David is a great instructor who will do anything to help his students understand.”

“David was great, he was knowledgeable with any questions we asked and if he didn’t know the answer right off the bat he would find the answer and tell us the next day or as soon as he found it.”

“Great environment I really enjoyed the lab.”

Chuck Wieners – MVC4 – Evenings

“Great course, high level stuff but Chuck brought us through very well.”

“As always I learned a ton from Chuck. Thanks.”

Jeff Overhaug – ICND1 – Days

“Jeff was a great instructor. He made learning Cisco easy to relate to and learn. He may have been new to learning Cisco but it was a great experience and he’s extremely knowledgeable.”

“Great instructor! Really knows his stuff.”

“Jeff did a very good job presenting information in an easy to digest way. Use of the Netsim application made the class an interactive experience. This made the experience much more engaging.”

“Made the class enjoyable.”

“Material flows well, and it’s refreshing having this week after A+, helps a lot to recap on the OSI model and CIDR”

“Had a chill classroom vibe.”

“It was great. Especially loved the NetSim virtual labs.”

Chris Dunbar – A+ 901 – Days (Frank Pflumm Co-Teach)

“Great person, instructor, and very knowledgeable. If the other instructors are half as knowledgeable as him, this is going to be a great course.”

“Very knowledgeable on all the topics he taught throughout the week. If someone had a question or wasn’t sure on the topic, the instructor made sure he or she understood before moving on.”

“Instructor is capable of making an overwhelming amount of information easy to process and less tense. Happy to have things “Pflumm’d down”

“Chris did an excellent job with the presentation of the material. He made the content understandable. He is the perfect person to start the program with to help students feel comfortable and gain a basic understanding.”

“Knows content and how to apply it to real world situations”

“Work ethic is admirable.”

“You do a really good job of explaining material in different ways if someone is not understanding the first time.”

“The material was presented in a way that was easy to understand. The instructors were passionate and took the time to make sure that everyone was up to speed and not confused about anything.”

“Extremely approachable.”

“Frank was also great to have as an adjunct instructor with Chris.”

“Frank–you did a great job!”

“Communication skills are always relatable.”

Kasama Kasemvudhi – WS2 – Days

“I like the quizzing and getting every student involved.”

“10/10, high energy, keeps the class moving. Quite a bit of review but reviews what we will be going over and them adds on top of what we will learn that day.”

“Kasama has a very good understanding of how Windows Server works and lets us try and learn before teaching us. Very hands-on teaching style which I like very much. Rather us ask our classmates before we ask him which helps build the team.”

Kasama Kasemvudhi – Sec+ – Eves

“Kasama is the instructor you want in order to pass the exam. He has a great teaching style that you can relate to.”

“The instructor was very knowledgeable. He knew everything, and went everything we need to learn for the subject.”

Week of January 29, 2018

Chris Nuckolls – CSF2 – Days

“Responded to my questions for help very well.”

“Chris’s knowledge of the presented material is extensive. He can always answer our questions, and does so patiently and respectfully. He keeps the classes fun with his sense of humor. I hope we get Chris for another part of the track!”

“No changes that I can suggest. I thought the content was awesome and it was not too overwhelming. The homework repetition helps a lot!”

Jeff DeMaranville – MVC1 – Days

“Great teacher. Wish I had him for every class.”

“Jeff was super helpful and awesome.”

“I really enjoyed the instructors lessons. He made a subject that seemed to really wrack my brain at first.”

“Jeff did a great job of taking the time to ensure everyone understood the information presented this week before moving to another subject.”

“Jeff was super helpful and awesome.”

“It was an incredibly relaxed learning environment. It made asking questions and especially making mistakes a lot easier.”

“It was perfect.”

“I would not change it at all. Really great teaching!”

Caleb George – PSP – Days

“Caleb got through a lot of information in a thorough and entertaining manner. He did an excellent job of keeping everyone on the same page throughout scripting in Power Shell.”

“I learned a lot this week and all of the tools and scripts we built will be a huge help in the real-world environment.”

“Instructors high level of attractiveness was very distracting for the whole week. He’s just too good looking and probably needs to tone it down a notch.”

“Thanks for starting on time everyday! Great teaching methods, and control of the classroom.”

“Caleb was very knowledgeable and made learning PowerShell fun and pretty easy.”

“Caleb did a great job. Very enthusiastic and engaging. Did a great job answering questions and helping students find answers on their own with minimal guidance.”

“I don’t think I would change anything with this course, the time spent on this course is just enough to learn the basics and not get burnt out on the material.”

Jeff Overhaug – WS3 – Days

“Thanks for the candy.”

“Enjoyed his ability to help.”

Chris Dunbar – A+ 902 – Days (Frank Pflumm Co-Teach)

“Professional and SME”

“Chris did an excellent job! It will be hard for the instructors after him to fill his shoes!”

“Frank is awesome!”

“Frank is awesome.”

“Frank and Chris both were great at communicating the information to students.”

“Frank! Good job”

“Very knowledgeable and enthusiastic”

“Both Chris and Frank presented the material in was that were both engaging and effective, I had no trouble following along at any point in the course.”

“Frank is awesome!”

“Great job!”

“Frank did great too! Great job, Frank!”

Matt Neilsen – A+ 902 – Days (STL)

Matt’s real world experience translates super well into the classroom, he’s able to provide detailed examples of scenarios and situations that we can’t simulate in the classroom environment.”

Jon Lindley – FED1 – Days (STL)

“As usual, Jon did a fantastic job.”