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November 11 02:31 AM

Classroom Experience - February 2020

Week of February 3, 2020

Andrew Mackay – Windows Systems Administration 1 – Days (Taught 90+% of Co-Teach with Steven)

“Great chemistry and teamwork between the two”

“Andrew was a great instructor. Very knowledgeable and provided day to day reasons as to who what and why.”

“Andrew: Great at helping me understand new concepts and get my labs back on track, thank you. Steven: Helped me learn more about troubleshooting and solving my own problems, Thankyou.”

“Having 2 instructors helped a lot in our class’s efficiency and understanding”

“Classroom environment is always great. Andrew is very positive and keeps the class upbeat.”

Chad Johnson – Linux Administration – Days

“Chad as an instructor: He keeps things professional but he also has fun with it. He knows its a lot of info coming at you, but he makes sure everyone understands it before he moves on. He definitely puts his students first.”

“A very mo-fun class and instructor. Made Linux enjoyable.”

“The instructor had an energetic and entertaining teaching style. Made class “Mo Fun” and memorable.”

“Very knowledgeable”

“He was a fantastic help. He was quick to answer any questions I had and wouldn’t let me or other students fall behind.”

“Chad did a good job of keeping the classroom lively. He knows that Linux is a slow process, but even with the slow process he made sure to make it fun”

“The class is lively and motivating.”

“I wouldn’t change anything about the classroom learning experience. It was fun from day one.”

“MO FUN Help desk! I enjoyed Linux.”

James Caldwell – Front-End Development 2 – Days

“James rocks.”

“Definitely my favorite Canadian instructor. Although he is from Michigan, he was my favorite instructor I’ve had thus far in the track. Keeps class really upbeat and definitely knows his stuff (including how to find my own typos)”

“I appreciate you using your time working for Houlihans to help with the learning experience in class. It helps me visualize how the knowledge that we are gaining is actually being implemented.”

“I really appreciated your flexibility with changing the course plan and setting us up for Wednesday”

Chris Nuckolls – C# Fundamentals 2 – Days (STL)

“Chris is hilarious and a joy to be around. Any student would be lucky to have him as an instructor.”

“The instructor gave many examples of interview questions that might be asked.”

“Chris is a great teacher, he was always patient and thorough in his explanations, also he is pretty funny!”

“Chris definitely went out of his way to make sure we were successful in this course.”

“The technology always worked very well.”

Matt Neilsen – Windows Systems Administration 3 – Days (STL)

“Matt is awesome, he helped answer any questions we had. He made the labs challenging and rewarding.”

“The instructor was awesome. He pushes us to be self-reliant and to attempt to solve issues on our own first. It makes for an extremely effective learning environment.”

“Most applicable real-world scenarios we’ve faced in the track so far. Most beneficial lab environment we’ve been in.”

Adam Jurotich – Help Desk Fundamentals 2 – Days (STL)

“I’m so glad I have the help I need when I need it”

“I have exhausted all positive comments I can say about Adam. The remainder of these MTM’s will likely be blank unless I have any constructive criticism to offer. He is incredibly helpful and kind and seems to effortlessly string things together perfectly.”

“Very helpful in answering questions the class had. During the remote class, it was easy to follow and clear to understand if you were actually paying attention.”

“Adam really prepared us for this week’s training. He made himself available for any questions.”

“I love it made me feel like I can do it myself, the instructor had helped me and different way so I can get the help. I need”

Eric Reid – MVC3: Advanced MVC – Days

Eric was fantastic, he always made sure resources were available and that everyone was on the same page.

Chad Johnson – Security+ – Evenings

Chad was great, I loved the examples presented and the way the subjects were presented.

“Chad helps make learning boring material fun.”

“Lovely instructor! Always makes students feel comfortable and is great at teaching anything!”

“Was a great environment to learn in.”

“Chad is one of my favorite instructors going through the program, not only is it easy to understand him but he also relates to all students.”

“Great classroom environment! Always gets work done when needed”

Week of February 10, 2020

Jeff Overhaug – Windows Server Administration 3 – Days

“Very fun and supportive learning environment. The instructor was great at giving large amounts of information in easy to understand pieces. I feel I have learned many months’ worth of information in this one week alone. Very good, thank you for your time, I am looking forward to next week.”

“Jeff Overhaug is an outstanding instructor. He understands the entire scope of Active Directory and is able to explain and show examples for all the systems we touched on. Jeff has an incredibly friendly demeanor and is always willing to take the time to answer questions and help out with labs when needed. His control of the classroom is both friendly and restricts conversations from heading off into tangents and keeps the class on track when someone tries to divert the class.”

“Jeff did a great job of helping the class grow knowledge in the Microsoft Server world. He excelled in being able to adapt to each person’s learning style and help them solve their problems without giving direct answers.”

“Jeff is awesome! He is quick to help and reassure you when you are doubting yourself. Very positive, and upbeat. Keeps your attention and will break things down for you when you aren’t getting a grasp on what the topic is about. I feel comfortable going to him now and in the future for additional help when needed.”

“I feel like I have a very good grasp on Active Directory.”

Frank Pflumm – Systems & Security Career Foundations – Days

“One of the most eye-opening teachers/instructors I have ever had. Able to answer and help with any uncertainties I had about going into IT. I genuinely wish I had more teachers like Pflumm in High School.”

“Doing great everything is always explained to where I can understand and the pace is great.”

“Very natural instructor. Great job on the first week.”

“Very knowledgeable about the subject matter and willing to answer questions.”

“Been through hundreds of training classes and this is by far in my top 10. Doing an amazing job relating to classmates. Amazing at making everyone’s opinion feel valid and worth listening to. As I was one that was nervous because I have everything riding on this. I definitely feel that I made the right decision to come here to receive my training.”

“Frank has been excellent thus far. I really enjoy how he is very relatable to the students and has a way of breaking things down into common terms so that even those with little to no experience in IT are able to understand.”

“Having graduates come in to speak to us is a great idea.”

“I enjoyed the class very much. I thought That Pflumm’s personal experience fits very well with the course and the topics covered for the week.”

“An extremely friendly environment. Never afraid to ask questions if uncertain about the material.”

“Makes class have a very comfortable setting.”

“Everything is great so far. Everything we need is available and ready.”

“I would not change anything. Pflumm is a great instructor and person and has real word experience with most topics covered, if not all.”

“I would not change anything. So far I have not felt that sections were rushed or forgotten and tacked on to the end. Everything was well planned and put together with everything also being relevant and extremely useful.”

“As this is a week of presentation and learning to work as a team I wouldn’t change a thing.”

Steven Russell – Security+ – Days

“Daddy Steve is the best.”

“Great real world tie-ins to our course content. Enjoyed this class and now look forward to taking the Sec+ exam.”

Chris Dunbar – Networking Fundamentals 1 – Days

“He has done a fantastic job”

“Class was very heavy with content but the instructor did great with explaining anything we had questions about”

“great personality and teacher”

“Instructor was very knowledgeable and was able to create analogies to help better understand more complicated topics”

“Great class”

James Caldwell – Front-End Development 1 – Days (STL)

“You’re a great teacher and knowledgeable about the subject”

“James, you are very good at what you do. You are personable, friendly, and patient, and that puts your students at ease. I have nothing but positive feedback for you.”

“James is a great instructor, he is very patient and encouraging.”

“You did an amazing job.”

“James is very good at presenting information in a clear and concise manner. He is very knowledgeable on the topics, and he has provided some of his own experiences which are helpful in setting my expectations.”

“Did a great job of answering the numerous questions the class had. Demonstrated a great amount of patience when trying to balance the need to move the class content forward and the need to make sure students are informed. I appreciated that a lot during the course of the class!”

“Really appreciated the balance of education and having a more laid back environment. It helps me focus better when things get more serious and I tend to process the information better.”

“I very much enjoy Centriq’s classrooms. They are quite hospitable.”

“It is very helpful to have the screen so we can code along with the instructor. The screen is large enough and clear enough to be seen from all points in the room.”

“I very much appreciate James giving us lab time in class. It offers the opportunity to work with classmates which can be difficult after hours. He also is very encouraging to all students, especially when they are having trouble.”

“The overall training experience was fantastic and I enjoyed it a lot.”

Jeff DeMaranville – FSWD Project Week 1 – Days

“Could not have been better in my eyes. Jeff was able to assist me whenever I became frustrated. The project is going to be great.”

Chris Dunbar – PowerShell Programming for System Administration – Evenings

“Very very helpful and understandable. So, patient in my opinion Chris is the right person for the area. Never frustrated on a not so easy course, Made fun.”

“Fun instructor. Willing to help.”

“it is hard to believe that this instructor has only been doing this for 4 years…He is like a walking Comptia Book!!”

“The instructor took the time in between scripting to explain and assist in troubleshooting errors.”

“Great classroom environment.”

“I love the classroom environment!”

Chuck Wieners – Introduction to DATA – Evenings

“Very knowledgeable and answered every question asked”

Week of February 17, 2020

Caleb George – ITPRO Project Week 2 – Days

“Caleb did very well in preparing us for our presentation.”

“Caleb did a great job getting all of us ready for our presentation”

“You did great this week!”

“Caleb made sure that we were very prepared for our class presentation and helped a lot with the construction of our presentation which was greatly appreciated.”

“It was awesome”

Chad Johnson – Help Desk Fundamentals Part 2 – Days

“I loved the lessons and new material. I would come home and talk for hours about the mind-blowing revelations I was making every day.”

“Chad Johnson is an outstanding instructor. He makes everyone in the class feel comfortable, welcome and keeps the course on track even when others in the class speak up and start rambling. He does a great job of tying concepts together while still taking the time to dive into the details of the concepts.”

“Chad has been a phenomenal instructor. Pushing me to my limits and making the learning environment fun. will forever be grateful at having the opportunity to be a part of his class. Not only is he professional and personable, but he’s someone that I can look up to as a person. Thanks, Chad for helping make a monumental change in my life seem seamless and easy.”

“Chad definitely helped the class learn in an exciting but professional way. These last two weeks have contained a lot of information, but the class came together to help each other out and with a lot of help from Chad.”

“Mr. Johnson is very well rounded in his knowledge. If he does not know the answer, he has no issue finding it out for us. His use of real-world experiences has been so helpful. He connects the rhyme to the reason so that you have a clear understanding. He can look at you just know if the information is not connecting so he will not move on until he is 100% sure that everyone knows the information.”

“Chad’s Teaching style really helped engrain a lot of the knowledge into not only myself who has zero IT experience but every student in the class, noticeably.”

“Great room”

“Classroom is nice and clean. Thank you for the newer chair, I appreciate that.”

“Wonderful learning environment, Chad was prepared to resolve any questions asked, He would also allow other students to show how they learned and thought of things which ended up helping a few students understand things. If he did not know a question (that wasn’t directly related to the course) he would have no problem looking into it, especially if it helped student’s understanding of actual class material”

“Mr. Johnson is an awesome instructor. The environment is always positive and interactive. His attitude is always positive and upbeat. He makes it known that he has faith in every single one of us and wants to be sure we succeed. The hardware/software used is great.”

Jenna Beckett – Project Management for the Developer – Days

“You’re awesome, Jenna. Thank you so much!”

David Ray – PowerShell for the System Administrator – Days

“The instructor was very knowledgeable and answered all questions asked by the class. He did not move to quickly or leave any student behind.”

“Professional and patient”

“Right after Net+ this was a nice change of pace”

“Nothing, all training content was excellent.”

James Caldwell – Front-End Development Part 1 – Days

“James is neature.”

Jeff Overhaug – Windows System Administration 3 – Days

“He helped me with routing and even showed the class a step by step process on how to set up static routes.”

“Jeff was good, also very helpful.”

“Thanks Jeff! Great work.”

“He will stop everything to answer any question in the class. He will also work with you after class.”

“Instructor was very friendly and engaging. When asked questions, he gave a knowledgeable, detailed explanation as well as providing real-world examples for what to expect in the field. The class was given plenty of lab opportunities to apply the knowledge we learned.”

“the classroom atmosphere is always upbeat.”

Adam Jurotich – Networking Fundamentals 1 – Days (STL)

“In spite of the overly dry material, the instructor keeps the class interested and active in the learning process.”

“Adam does a great job of reiterating how important the material is-especially NET 1 and NET 2-to completing our goal. It helps to keep us motivated.”

“Instructor was basically a NET+ wizard, I rate 10 out of 9 due to the vastness of knowledge from the instructor. This first week blew my mind but the instructor was able to break it down in bite-sized pieces which made it so much easier to understand.”

“really helps you when you need it”

“love the hands-on work to help explain the book work”

Matt Neilsen – Linux Administration – Days (STL)

“Knows what he is talking about and can make terms easier to understand”

“Matt is an awesome teacher!”

“great classroom experience”

Steven Russell – Help Desk Fundamentals Part 2 – Evenings

“Stephen was not only clear and concise but his professionalism was spot on. He controlled the class and focused.”

“Instructor knows his stuff. Easy to ask questions.”

“The way Steven explains the material, he explains it in a way that allows for simple understanding and then builds on it until you fully grasp the concepts before you leave the building for the day.”

“kept me engaged in class”

“Now my favorite instructor. This guy knows his stuff and has a sense of humor like all of us.”

“No complaints..he was excellent!”


“Fun learning environment.”

“I had so much fun and learned so much more.”

Jenna Beckett – C# Fundamentals Part 2 – Evenings

“Enjoyed her periods of instruction. Helped me further develop my understanding of C#. With the knowledge obtained in CSF2, I intend to further study the language on my own time. Great instructor!”

“Very Knowledgeable when it comes to real-world application”

“Enjoyed the class.”

Week of February 24, 2020

Eric Reid – MVC1: Introduction to MVC – Days

“I appreciate the morning review of the previous day’s content. Also, thank you for answering every question, even if you’re repeating yourself or it’s a topic we covered in a previous track.”

“Really appreciate your depth of knowledge and clarity in descriptions as well as the fix you got for my Database Connection Issue”

Jeff DeMaranville – PowerShell Programming System Administration – Days

“No complaints, I think the instructor did great and was very helpful when I had a question about anything”

“Instructor taught the principles needed in order to build our own scripts.”

“very fun teacher”

“Great class, great job Jeff”

“Great content, lots of help if/when you need it”

Caleb George – IT Project Week 2 – Days

“The instructor was very knowledgeable and helpful.”

“It was great working with Caleb to organize a professional presentation. Thanks, Caleb!”

“Patient, professional, and respectful. Encourages a person to push through insecurities”

“Gave the opportunity to get hands-on the equipment and teamwork”

“From my experience, Centriq roles out the red carpet to help students succeed”

Chris Nuckolls – C# Fundamentals Part 2 – Days

“Really feel like I learned a lot.”

“Chris is really good at rewording concepts to help me understand, motivating the class to not quit, help us troubleshoot our own problems to prepare us for the field. Chris is an outstanding instructor that I feel went above and beyond to help me succeed.”

“Very engaging presence. Answering questions directly and giving real-world examples are great for solidifying information.”

Frank Pflumm – Help Desk Fundamentals 2 – Days

“I am so glad I decided to re-sit this class. Both of my instructors have been great but Frank’s slower teaching style has been very helpful to me because I am more of a novice when it comes to the hardware, components of computers and many of the networking concepts. My first class had quite a few more students with advanced knowledge, this class is more of a mix which has been very helpful and less intimidating.”

“Once again, one of the best instructors I’ve ever had the privilege of having. Always able to answer questions, and if not will get back very quickly. Always very knowledgeable and easy to talk to, and will always understand the student and connect with them and make them feel comfortable.”

“Great instructor. Explained everything so that I understood the material.”

“Amazing instructor. I wish he was our instructor throughout the whole process. I still look forward to what is coming through.”

“Outstanding instructor”

“I wouldn’t change anything. It was worth it all so far just seeing how far we have all come as a group and as individuals.”

“Frequently uses real-world examples that make you feel like you understand the topic when done and could extremely effectively do a job using those skills.”

Chuck Wieners – Advanced C# Review & Technical Interview Prep – Days

“Chuck knows a LOT and does a really good job of breaking things down so everyone can understand it. He also does a great job of documenting throughout the code which is VERY helpful with labs and homework. Chuck was a great instructor!”

“Gives me a chance to think through problems without giving the answer straight away which forces me to learn more. Gives real-world comparisons to subjects we are learning about to reinforce how to use a certain skill.”

Adam Jurotich – Networking Fundamentals 2 – Days (STL)

“well versed in what he is teaching, both in labs and net+ discussions.”

“This networking book is very difficult but explained it really well.”

“Instructor was great as always.”

“The class was very informative and engaging.”

Jason Presley – MVC1: Introduction to MVC – Evenings

“Great Teaching style”

Andrew Mackay – Windows System Administration 1 – Evenings

“Mr. Andrew is an awesome teacher”

“Appreciate the instructor’s patience and willingness to help.”