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November 11 02:35 AM

Classroom Experience - February 2019

Week of February 4, 2019

Jon Lindley – C# Fundamentals 2 – Complex Datatypes & Collections – Days (STL)

“Jon was great as always, helpful and patient”

Jeff DeMaranville – Front-End Development 2 – JavaScript & jQuery – Days

“Explained everything extremely clearly and thoroughly and was excellent at going deeper on the material when students asked questions. Usually, I need to practice on my own before I fully understand all of what we cover in class, but in this class, I felt like I understood everything immediately.”

“Very knowledgeable and does a great job of teaching so that the information is easily understood. Awesome sense of humor to lighten the mood.”

“One of the best instructors so far. Makes sure every student is understanding what is being done when adding code and makes sure no student is left behind before continuing on to the next module.”

“Jeff has a great attitude and very well spoken.”

“I wouldn’t change it at all.”

“I wouldn’t change anything.”

“Maybe it’s just that things are finally clicking this week but, this week has been wonderful.”

“There wasn’t anything within the class that was overwhelming or difficult to follow because of the way the course was taught. The quantity of homework was sufficient, which made it easier to identify what you were doing as you were doing it. Time was allowed at the end of a few of the classes for lab work, which also helped tremendously.”

Chris Dunbar – CompTIA A+ Essentials 2 – Security, Server, Cloud, and Help Desk Support – Days (STL)

“g us how to relate the material to the real world”

“I appreciate Chris’s thoroughness and making sure we get the most of this training experience.”

“Chris does his best at keeping the class engaged.”

“Was happy to get my hands on experience this week and learn how to thread a cable and it was able to function.”

Jeff Overhaug – Linux Administration – Intro to Linux, DHCP, Email, Firewall – Days

“Jeff is a great instructor”

Chad Johnson – Microsoft Windows System Administration 1 – Active Directory, Server Core, RDP, and RSAT – Days

“Instructor answered and explained questions in a way that was easy to understand. classroom environment made the content enjoyable to learn.”

“Knew questions when asked. If didn’t know would find out”

“Was a very fun teacher and made a boring subject more interesting and kept me engaged.”

“Smart man”

“I can say without a doubt Mr. Johnson is one of the best instructors I’ve had at Centriq. He genuinely cares about his students.”

“Very good instructor.”

“Definitely kept me engaged through the entire course”

Hai Hilvitz – Microsoft Windows System Administration 2 – DM, Permissions, Shares, DFS, Shadow copies, Backup, and Group Policy – Days (STL)

“Definitely knew his stuff. I enjoyed learning from him”

Kasama Kasemvudhi – Cybersecurity Essentials with CompTIA Security + – Evenings


“It was great”

Chuck Wieners – Team Development – SDLC, UML,& Pair Programming – Evenings

“Chuck was very knowledgeable about some problems I felt were kind of “advanced/high-level” and really great at not only explaining how I could fix it and debugging it with me but also WHY these errors occurred or how I could avoid it in the future, all in a kind and respectful way.”

“I very much appreciated lab time with an instructor available to ask questions to. I mentioned this to Chuck, but I think this would have been great to be able to have throughout the track (on break weeks, or maybe on a Friday every week, or the first night of a new class if we had time scheduled in).”

“The lab time was more helpful than I realized in allowing me to reinforce the skills I have been learning.”

Week of February 11, 2019

Jason Presley – Full Stack Development Project – Build Week – Days

“I needed lots of encouragement this week as I felt behind in comparison to my classmates. He reassured me that I had come a long way in achieving the goals of the week and asked that I not allow myself to get bogged down in the mire and focus on the bigger picture and keep moving forward–exactly what I needed to hear after a few stressful days.”

Jenna Beckett – Front-End Development 1 – HTML5, CSS3, and Frameworks – Days (STL)

“Very clear and supportive. Always gave great answers when questions were asked. Lots of resources.”

Chris Dunbar – Networking Fundamentals 1 – CompTIA Network+ and Intro to Cisco Devices – Days (STL)

“Chris has a style, unlike any other instructor I have experienced. His enthusiasm for the matter is captivating and very necessary, especially the morning after studying for half of the night.”

“I appreciate the instructor’s challenge to us to find the answers for ourselves in order to prepare for what to expect in the job field. It pushed me to work harder to make sure that I had the confidence to troubleshoot on my own.”

“Chris is doing a good job at giving all the information to the class in multiple ways and trying his best at keeping us engaged.”

“I enjoy the classroom environment as opposed to online training. It allows a plethora of real-time brain energy to flow, producing questions and scenarios that may not occur within my own thoughts.”

“Being able to be more hands-on with our machines this week has helped me tremendously to transition more comfortable with being able to navigate my computer.”

“We had a lab this week that simulated a vague directive. I surprised myself by understanding the directive (Tech talk) and successfully executing. This program works!”

Derek Duderstadt – Team Development – SDLC, UML,& Pair Programming – Days

“Derek did a fantastic job!!!”

“Derek is an OUTSTANDING instructor. Thank you for taking the time to explain how things fit together, work with each other, etc.”

“Derek has been one of my favorite instructors in the track. I appreciate his ability to teach and explain concepts and content with the mindset that we have never done this before.”

“Derek is perfect. He is fast without being intense, and exhibits NO irritation with questions being asked.”

“very helpful with questions, and constructive criticism.”

“Great classroom environment”

David Ray – Networking Fundamentals 1 – CompTIA Network+ and Intro to Cisco Devices – Days

“Dave is a very good teacher.”

“Dave’s class is welcoming with an open discourse and is always willing to answer whatever questions come up along the way.”

“I’m very happy with the labs that we do in class. It breaks up the book work nicely.”

“good stuff so far”

Caleb George – Microsoft Windows System Administration 2 – Days

“Mr. George was a highly motivated and professional instructor. His teaching style engaged students in discussion and promoted peer consultation. Mr. George broke down subjects in a way that was comprehensible to all and asked questions to verify students understood concepts and methodology. It was a pleasure to attend his class.”

Steven Russell, Chad Johnson, Kasama Kasemvudhi – Cybersecurity Essentials with CompTIA Security + – Days

“I had several instructors due to an illness in another class. Chad, Steven, and Kasama were all a real dream team for sec+. 3 different perspectives and teaching styles. the best class ever.”

Frank Pflumm & Steven Russell – Systems and Security Career Foundation – Days

“He was very engaging. Made sure everyone was following along and understood the material.”

“Instructor was very enthusiastic and he made class fun and informative.”

“Frank is very passionate about IT.”

“Very likable”

“Frank and Steve are both awesome instructors. They are extremely knowledgeable and their presentation of material kept me engaged.”

“Both instructors were very knowledgeable and had great presentation skills that helped students understand the concepts being expressed. Students were continually reminded of the impact that the information being taught could have in a real-life scenario.”

“I have no problems with any of these. The instructors are both knowledgeable, and entertaining to keep our attention.”

“The instructor was amazing and very knowledgeable”

“I Though Mr. Phflumm was a well versed and engaging instructor.”

“Well equipped. Lots of space. Color is not boring white on all walls.”

“Very informative, Instructor always made sure everyone was on the same page.”

“Has been an awesome class.”

“Classroom size is conducive to a good learning environment. Equipment is nice for a classroom environment that has a lot of users.”

“Classroom environment was very open and enjoyable allowing for answering of all questions while still including an aspect of fun in the learning that made it easy to intake information.”

Matt Neilsen – Microsoft Windows System Administration 3 – Days (STL)

“cool dude with interesting music”

“fun fun fun :)”

“I wouldn’t change a thing”

Week of February 18, 2019

Jenna Beckett – C# Fundamentals 1 – Introduction to C# Language & .NET Framework – Days

“The information was not given “dry”. A lot of emotion and enjoyment in the delivery. This was very helpful to make time go by faster.”

“Love the energy and the vibe of Jenna. She’s been an absolute wonder as an instructor and the balance of board work to work on the computer is perfectly balanced in my opinion.”

“Very good at explaining!!”

“Jenna rocks. I’ve been to numerous training sessions in the past and have never had a more positive experience. Jenna shows no favoritism. She never lost patience with repeated questions. She was always aware of anyone who was lagging and quickly got them caught up. She welcomed input from students. She made the learning experience fun so I wanted to come back every day.”

“The energy in the room is good, plenty of people ask questions and add supplemental material to anything that Jenna says.”

Jason Presley – Full Stack Development Project – Deployment & Employer Presentation – Days

“Jason was great! Enjoyed having him as project manager.”

“This man knows his stuff, a great instructor”

Jon Lindley – Front-End Development 2 – JavaScript & jQuery – Days (STL)

“Knows how to connect to everyone and makes the instructions simplified.”

Jeff DeMaranville – Introduction to MVC – Model, View, Controller Fundamentals – Days

“Still the best instructor I have had so far!”

“He did an amazing job of giving us lab time. I appreciate it a lot because I learn more when I’m given time to repeat what we’ve done in class on my own.”

“Explains everything very clearly and concisely. Gives students plenty of lab time to work independently with his help. Able to make sure that all students are on the same page without slowing class down and frustrating those who are not struggling.”

“Great teacher. He always made sure we were caught up and understood the content. There was never a question or an issue he wouldn’t answer/help with.”

Eric Reid – Advanced MVC – Design Patterns, Unit Testing, & Advanced User Interactions – Days

“Eric does a great job of listening to our questions and helping us problem solve. He is adaptive to our needs.”

“I really enjoyed Eric as an instructor. His energy is contagious and he does a really good job of explaining concepts. I very much appreciate his patience.”

“Eric was very helpful and made sure to keep everyone up to speed on code/address any errors, etc. He helped explain the reasoning behind code errors & fixes so that each issue was understandable.”

“He was very empathetic to questions and willing to help. That made a big difference.”

“Really nice guy. Knows the material and is willing to help at any moment.”

Steven Russell – CompTIA A+ Essentials 1 – Hardware, Devices, Networking, and Operating Systems – Days

“Steve is an excellent instructor. He is very knowledgeable and keeps the students in the class engaged. He takes the time to slow the pace down to ensure that everyone understands or gets with them later to help.”

“The instructor’s knowledge of the subject matter is very extensive he provides real-life examples and relates course work to individuals. Stevens response to questions really helps you understand the information being expressed in a way best understood by the individual. The instructor’s presentation skills are phenomenal and you can tell he really tries to make learning fun. Very good instructor overall.”

“Knowledgeable in both classroom and real-world”

“Steven Russell is an inspiration, he is forthcoming and passionate about the quality of the instruction he provides. He really has made my investment of coming here worth it.”

“Very energetic and enthusiastic. Russell was one of the best instructors I’ve ever had. Made learning fun and enjoyable as well as being able to make the curriculum easy to understand.”

“There aren’t a lot of people in the world that you immediately know care for people and have a passion for helping people. Steve is one of the rare individuals who you don’t come across often in life. His passion for teaching his students is immeasurable and for that, I am grateful to have him as an instructor. I can tell that he is an invaluable resource to Centriq. His knowledge and understanding of the course content are near perfect and verbatim from the handbook without looking. There aren’t any negative things to say about this individual and I wish I could say more positive things. He enjoys his job and he brings it down to a level that anyone can understand. If on the odd chance someone doesn’t understand, he breaks it down on a different level.”

“Steven is very passionate about IT.”

“The instructor kept the class material interesting.”

“Great personality, Very Approachable”

“Instructor on top of the game”

“Steven made learning fun and relatable”

“Classroom environment is very engaging makes learning fun and easy.”

“Very Active and understandable”

“I really enjoyed the classroom environment. Clean with good equipment I couldn’t be happier with the quality.”

“Instructor kept high energy to keep classroom from becoming boring.”

Jeff Overhaug – Microsoft Windows System Administration 3 – Days

“Jeff did a great job and sincerely wants to help his students. I enjoy Jeff’s teaching style immensely.”

“Very helpful with questions asked”

“This is my second class with Jeff Overhaug. I have found that his teaching style is extremely effective, informative and promotes critical thinking. We were able to not only work on projects independently but within small groups which helped build team cohesion. Jeff is a knowledgeable professional in his field and just a really friendly person.”

Caleb George – Microsoft Windows PowerShell Programming for System Administration – Eves

“Caleb has a lot of patience and I appreciate that a lot throughout the whole time in class”

“I enjoyed Caleb’s outline for the class, and how it also included time for review for some of the previous material as well. This helped me, as a student, relate some of the previous material to the newer material in a way that has not been an option during the class time before.”

“Powershell seems to be one of the first things I have encountered here during the training that I intuitively understand well. I enjoyed this class not only due to this fact but also because Caleb had a very nice relational way of teaching which imparted knowledge to me, the student, very well.”

Frank Pflumm – Systems and Security Career Foundation – Eves

“The instructor was extremely personable and easy to listen to. He was enthusiastic and cared about the subject he was talking about. I would look forward to having him teach me again.”

“he truly will stop and answer what you are wanting to and about his real-world experience”

“Love the attitude. Upbeat and funny.”

“Mr. Pflumm brought his real-world experiences to the table. He was able to explain things to where I actually understood it.”

“Classrooms are clean and the computers function the way they should.”

Week of February 25, 2019

Eric Reid – Introduction to Data- SQL, XML, & JSON – Days

“Did a very good job of providing personal anecdotes that related to what we were learning. It made things that initially seemed trivial a lot more relevant. He also gave plenty of labs, which is also nice.”

“Very clear that he has been teaching for a long time. Very structured class. No wasted time at all. He is also very good at keeping the class on track and keeping distractions to a minimum. Very good at explaining everything clearly and concisely.”

“He is very knowledgeable and does a great job at teaching. Always made sure to pause throughout class and ask how we we’re doing, etc. Explained content in a way that was very understandable. Overall A+”

Steven Russell – A+902 – Days

“Steve has became more and more exceptional as a teacher with the second week. Any question was answered with the knowledge he knows and you can tell it’s because he understands the content and really wants people the learn the content. He makes things engaging and not just “death by definitions/PowerPoint”. He really is an exceptional asset to Centriq.”

“Give this guy a raise, fantastic instructor! Helps students understand subjects with ease and always offers to help”

“Steven is very knowledgeable and well spoken. He takes the time to explain things so you can understand and is willing to stay after class to help students.”

“Instructor was very knowledgeable of subject matter and was able to answer student questions in a way that we could understand some of the more complex topics. Steven was a very energetic and tactful presenter.”

“Steve did a good job of putting things in lay mans terms for us non-IT intellectuals.”

“The instruction was great.”

“Steven is great. Even with two years of university, I’ve never had a better, more enthralling instructor. Thanks for making dry information vivacious and relatable.”

“The Classroom size for me was very conducive to learning. Learning in small groups is beneficial for me.”

“Classroom environment was very interactive and entertaining. The labs that we did helped a lot with retention of the information being taught in lectures.”

“Love the on-hand labs. I’m a person who likes to touch the items that I’ll be working with”


“Steve was an excellent instructor. He kept the class pass moving smoothly and kept it as entertaining as possible even as the material got dry.”

Jenna Beckett – C# Fundamentals 2 – Days

“Jenna is outstanding!”

“I really enjoy the training provided by Jenna, she’s very patient with everyone in class and readily show us different ways to resolve issues.”

“Jenna is a phenomenal teacher”

“I especially like the instructor sharing with us personal struggles with going through the program. It made us feel better about personal frustrations.”

Chris Nuckolls – ARTP: Advanced C# Review & Technical Interview Prep – Days

“Chris is awesome, I have learn to enjoy his teaching methods and I believe that I haven’t been pushed this much in this entire track as I have this past week. Advanced C# has been the best class for me so far.”

Chris Dunbar – Networking Fundamentals 2 – Days

“Real-life situations that are not in books is a GREAT advantage having Chris Dunbar as an instructor.”

“Having this instructor’s full attention makes trying to understand the wealth of this expansive material makes it accessible for an novice IT like myself.”

“The drawings on the whiteboard help a lot.”

“The labs were especially helpful in my understanding on how to work within a network.”

“I really enjoyed the hands on experience from this week.”

Derek Duderstadt – MVC 3: Advanced MVC – Design Patterns, Unit Testing, & Advanced User Interactions – Eves

“Derek was very patient with us in going over things again and again when we were frustrated by the content. Sometimes slowing down the content or answers would be helpful.”

“Derek is so very patient and understanding. He creates a safe learning environment. So happy to have been in his class again.”