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November 11 02:44 AM

Classroom Experience - December 2017

Week of December 4, 2017

Chad Johnson – A+ SRV – Days

“Like the real world experience you give.”

“Great instructor, knows the material, and answers questions in a way that we(or at least I) can understand.”

“Dude, you rock.”

“Very interested in making sure we had all the information needed.”

“Instructor made the labs a blast.”

“Good week to wind down, become a better team, and to study up so we can knock out our 901 and 902.”

“Great labs; really enjoyed the advanced hands on experience.”

“I was all good. Chad did a great job asking what we needed and then covering. Didn’t blow off anything that was brought up.”

Matt Neilsen – ITPRO2 – Days (STL)

“Matt did really good. Thanks Man!!”

“I will most definitely miss Matt!”

“Everything was great. The training was on point.”

“It was Amazing”

Jeff DeMaranville – MVC1 – Days

“Fun and makes learning exciting”

“Great guy.”

Chuck Wieners – MVC3 – Days

“Chuck’s patience, in-depth explanations, and in-class lab time are greatly appreciated.”

“Chuck is an Awesome instructor! He is always willing to help me through the problems I was struggling in. He has a great sense of humor. He is an excellent people person. I really appreciate how he asked our class what we were struggling in and walked through us through those roadblocks. He was great at keeping us all moving forward before he moved on.”

“I’ve enjoyed Chuck’s class the best by far. Patient, nice pace, easy going, upbeat.”

“Chuck was very helpful. I appreciate the patience and explanations.”

“I loved that Chuck allowed us to do Labs and work on our Personal site during class, so that we could ask him questions and get in the reps we tremendously needed.”

Chris Nuckolls – TEAM – Evenings

“Chris did a good job of balancing a loose atmosphere with structure when necessary. I appreciated the examples he shared from his experiences.”

“Highly knowledgeable. Always goes above and beyond.”

“The labs were very helpful in this class. Challenging, but helpful.”

Karla Sharp – O365 – Days

“Absolutely fantastic!!!”

“Loved the red sweater.”

“Entertaining and very informative. Knew Excel than I ever thought existed.”

“Karla was very knowledgeable in these products (obviously) but her attitude first thing in the morning and willingness to answer any and all questions made the class an easy learning environment.”

“Very friendly, very prompt.”

“Karla Sharp was fantastic as an instructor. She had a lot of energy and enthusiasm. She answered all questions.”

“Had a fun energy that kept me engaged.”

“The training was great, I have used excel and powerpoint before in my previous career but I actually learned new things today.”

Hai Hilvitz – WS1 – Days

“Hai was great it has been a pleasure learning from this guy best class so far.”

“Awesome to work with. Hai makes class fun and helps to explain complex subjects in a way that makes sense.”

“Great job at explaining difficult concepts in great detail.”

Chris Dunbar – SSCF – Days

“Chris is a very cool and down to Earth instructor. He truly cares about the students and wants to see us succeed.”

“Chris was great, very knowledgeable.”

Week of December 11, 2017

Chris Dunbar – A+ 901 – Days (David Ray Co-Teach)

“Dave was absolutely amazeballs!!!!!! So was Chris. I guess Flum too.”

“Overall this weeks training was good. I learned a lot of new things and the real life experiences helped put things into perspective. Confidence will build over time while teaching!”

“David and Chris did a good job, they were very patient with our class.”

“David was very nice, easy to understand and happy to clarify on questions.”

“For being a new teacher, you do really well Dave. Honestly the only thing I struggled with was keeping up with you in the book, but that’s not a big deal. Keep it up my dude.”

“Dray did an awesome job for his first time. He really knew his material and articulated very well to us. I respect him.”

Jeff DeMaranville – ARTP – Days

“Very, very helpful.”

Chris Nuckolls – CSF Part 1 – Days

“Chris did a great job of keeping the week “light” despite the abundance of information with the use of comedy.”

“You’re funny and I relate well to you!”

“Very happy with the instructor. He makes a very big life change seem like I did the right thing and he makes it easy to learn.”

“I think its perfect!”

Chad Johnson – A+ 902 – Evenings

“Chad as far as I can tell is an expert in the field. He gave very valuable ways to relate the subject matter to real life instances. He should either teach all classes or teach all instructors on teaching strategies.”

“Very knowledgeable. helps break down difficult content.”

“Chad was amazing. He made the class entertaining and made the material easy to understand. Let us ask plenty of questions and always answered in a way that I could understand.”

“Information was easy to learn and remember.”

“Made the course more fun.”

“Chad presented scenarios and examples relevant to the topics discussed in every class to illustrate in a clear way some abstract concepts.”

“Chad sets up a great classroom environment. It takes a lot of ingenuity to teach outside of the typical lecture, read book strategy. I have near 150 college credit hours, and I would put him at the top of the list as most effective. When learning is fun, learning is easy.”

“Labs were fun and easy to understand.”

Jenna Beckett – DATA – Days

“Excellent discussion of JOINS”

“She goes the extra mile for her students. Kudos to her.”

“Thank you for the Candy Cane Diagram for JOINS (might want to do this for future classes)”

Eric Reid – DVPRO2 – Days

“Eric did an amazing job and handling the work load of 11 students and juggling the various tasks that we threw at him. He worked one on one when needed, and he worked with the class to go over expectations and requirements. The only thing I regret is that he is not my “actual” Project Manager!”

“The classroom and environment were great.”

“Nice words…. Eric is truly fantastic and a joy to be around”

Jeff Overhaug – LX – Days

“Jeff is a great teacher. He keeps the class upbeat and makes sure everyone is getting the information.”

“Could answer any question posed.”

“Jeff is awesome and knows his stuff. Surprisingly talented at the flow of lecture.”

“Jeff is awesome loved the course.”

Hai Hilvitz – WS2 – Days

“Hai was great again, that’s a man who knows how to teach.”

“Fantastic instructor really took the time to describe everything in detail and with multiple different structures.”

“Great job, Hai. Thanks for being patient with us.”

Jeff Overhaug – WS3 – Evenings

“Very helpful”

Week of December 18, 2017

Chris Nuckolls – CSF2 – Days

“Chris really helps relate what we are learning to real world situations and its going to be sad to not have him when we return!”

“I was more than pleasantly surprised by not just the knowledge and skill of the teacher, but also of how easy he made the subject matter sound and how personable he was. He was always able to explain everything needed without needing to look over notes or review.”

“The environment made learning code so much easier than a normal classroom.”

Eric Reid – MVC2 – Days

“Eric did a great job at answering questions, reviewing everyday so that we had lots of opportunities to understand the content.”

“Amazing teacher. I really enjoyed his jokes too.”

“Thank you for being patient with us. The way you teach is incredible and really helped me.”

“Nothing. Instructor was perfect!”

Chris Dunbar – A+ 902 – Days

“It was great!”

“Nothing, Dunbar is the man! His teaching techniques made it very easy for me to retain this new information.”

Tad Ellis – ICND1 – Days

“Very knowledgable of the subject matter.”

“It is very beneficial to be able to use actual CISCO hardware”

Chuck Wieners – MVC4 – Days

“Chuck is the Bomb.com Instructor!! He is always willing to spend the time we need, to help us understand what we are learning. Provided time in class to work on our projecs, so we had an instructor available to answer our question! That was the most important!! Super Fabulous!!”

“I really appreciate Chuck’s training style. He ensures everyone is following and understands, and he is very patient.”

“Liked the in depth subjects this week”

Kasama Kasemvudhi – Sec+ – Days

“Really enjoyed this week!”

“Kasama really knows his stuff, excellent teacher”

“Kasama is a great teacher. He is very knowledgeable. I had to miss a large portion of Sec+ due to job interviews, but I plan to sit in on another class with him.”

“Kasama is extremely knowledgeable about his line of work.”

Caleb George – WS3 – Days

“He did a great job as always”

“This was Caleb’s first time teaching this class, but I could not tell! He did a wonderful job of reinforcing concepts that were shown in previous classes and helping us all understand how to make a network run through Windows Server.”

“The final lab made me feel like a real IT pro. It was hard work but fun at the same time.”

Derek Duderstadt – MVC3 – Evenings

“I was feeling overwhelmed coming into this course. Derek helped me get back on track going into the holidays. Awesome job!”

“Derek is one of the best, if not the best, instructor we’ve had here at Centriq. He is always willing to answer questions and help anyone who falls behind. Keep up the good work!”

“Derek is my favorite instructor. Does a great job explaining, checking-in w/ students. Goes above and beyond.”

“Again, very good environment for learning.”

“Always a fun and engaging time.”

“Great environment, comfortable and supportive but expectations are still there.”

“I wouldn’t change a thing. As always Derek, you did an amazing job.”