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November 11 02:35 AM

Classroom Experience - December 2020

Student Comments

  • “I know that the hybrid program came about with COVID but I think it is absolutely beneficial for this environment, especially when doing lectures. I love that Adam uses the screen share option on Zoom when one of the students is having trouble completing a task. This not only helps the student engaged but also allows the other students to watch how he solves the problem and interacts with the “client” just like a helpdesk position might operate. I highly suggest keeping this in the track post-COVID. I also really enjoyed the Help Desk Simulation Lab. I thought this was super beneficial and really enjoyed the “live” ticket aspect of it. It allowed me to get a better idea of how a “day in the life of” might be for someone working a help desk position.”
  • “That labs. Putting everything together into a culminating activity is what helps me retain the most amount of information.”

Jeff DeMaranville – Advanced C# Review & Technical Interview Prep – Days

  • “Always the best class with Jeff!”
  • “Communication throughout the course was great. Always kept up updated and answered questions thoroughly”
  • “Jeff was my favorite part”
  • “The C#”
  • “Refining my knowledge of C# and getting some extra practice with List, Arrays, Queue, and Stacks”
  • “the coding challenges”
  • “Reviewing concepts with labs helped me grasp the material better.”

James Caldwell – Front-End Frameworks 1 – Days

  • “He was amazing, too bad we don’t get to have him for the whole 4 months.”
  • “James, you’re doing a PHENOMENAL job. Keep it up!”
  • “James is mindful and patient”
  • “For James, he is very good at explaining things he is asked about and making sure everyone understands.”
  • “Excellent job!”
  • “Just getting back into the “school/ learning” aspect”
  • “The lecture, co-code, and self-code is a great way for me to learn.”
  • “the challenge”
  • “Going from not knowing anything at all to be able to code a basic website”
  • “Learning new information”
  • “The interactive elements”
  • “I have a LONG way to go. But I am confident I will succeed.”

Adam Jurotich – Help Desk Fundamentals 2 – Days

  • “Good job Adam”
  • “I am very grateful to have Adam as an instructor. He really cares about his students and he has given me the tools and confidence I needed to take my help desk fundamentals exam today.”
  • “I love the way Adam is able to break complex tasks and information down into digestible information that is understandable. This is an absolute must-have skill when working in this program since there are so many students that have zero IT background.”
  • “Really enjoyed the presentation of the material and most certainly the hands-on labs.”
  • “My favorite aspect of this course was learning how to use virtual machines.”
  • “All the hands-on portions! I love that we get to learn something and then put it into practice such as building VMs and then adding certain configs and layers into it as we gain more in lectures. The labs are always my favorite part of the day and definitely enjoyed assembly of a PC and building cables.”
  • “Hands-on labs”
  • “I know that the hybrid program came about with COVID but I think it is absolutely beneficial for this environment, especially when doing lectures. I love that Adam uses the screen share option on Zoom when one of the students is having trouble completing a task. This not only helps the student engaged but also allows the other students to watch how he solves the problem and interacts with the “client” just like a helpdesk position might operate. I highly suggest keeping this in the track post-COVID. I also really enjoyed the Help Desk Simulation Lab. I thought this was super beneficial and really enjoyed the “live” ticket aspect of it. It allowed me to get a better idea of how a “day in the life of” might be for someone working a help desk position.”

Matt Schwarzenberger – Linux Administration – Days

  • “He did a fantastic job helping troubleshoot and explaining the material.”
  • “tell that he loves what he does.”
  • “Awesome job, thanks for all the help this week”
  • “Matt is very helpful. Linux was not simple to ease into and one week was good for starters, but not enough. Matt made it very understandable for the amount of information we had to ingest.”
  • “Super good guy, always willing to assist, and he knew the information. You could “
  • “I thought you did a great job! this material is not my favorite but you made it better I thought!”
  • “Matt is a GREAT teacher. He has the patience of Job! Each of us had lots of questions at the same time and we were all in different places, plus doing his own lecture, He handled it calmly and clearly. Honestly, I don’t know how he does it. Hope to have more classes from him in the future! Thank you, Matt.”
  • “learning to configure via command line”
  • “Getting to learn a new system. The more practice without a gui the better.”
  • “minimal Linux configurations”
  • “It is so different from anything we have done yet. Kept me interested and wanting to know more.”
  • “learning something new”
  • “The instructor.”
  • “I truly enjoyed how this subject ties everything together. I feel I have a better understanding of DHCP and DNS and more from all of this.”
  • “All have been great”
  • “Matt did a great job. He kept the class interesting, and helped everyone become comfortable in Linux.”
  • “=D”
  • “Super cool. So glad we had this week and this subject before Sec+. If Centriq has more classes on Linux, I would like to go to them.”
  • “Really solid class, despite the difficult subject.”
  • “Totally agree with how this is taught…I learn by doing…this reiterated previous learning too.”

Jeff Westerhaus – Networking Fundamentals 1 – Days

  • “Instructor took time to prepare labs before class to test out any potential issues and used his spare time to try to find any potential questions or difficulties to help better teach us.”
  • “Networking is a fascinating topic of mine, I’m much more interested in the inner workings of technology vs the physical aspect. Even during HDF, I could feel the pull leading me to the networking half of SSA even looking up Cisco certs and technology during my breaks between studying. I also love Certmaster with the goals within, I always feel accomplished when my knowledge points break 200 or seeing me get ever closer to the goal of 100% completion!”
  • “The Labs were great, seeing all this coming together.”
  • “Labs.”
  • “LOD”
  • “The teacher is laid back and very personal and took some of the edge, off the intensity of the learning material”
  • “None!”
  • “You are all great!”
  • “Certmaster is incredible, no way around it. I’m really thankful that not only CompTIA designed it but also Centriq jumped on board and gave all of us the opportunity to use it. Certmaster in combination with an instructor who can help expand on the topics and connect them to real-world situations really concreate the topics.”

Frank Pflumm – Systems & Security Career Foundations – Days

  • “Frank did an excellent job of preparing myself for what to expect and how to prepare for job interviews. I believe this week has given me a lot of insights and will immensely help me in the future.”
  • “Frank was AWESOME! Generally wholesome guy super knowledgeable about any questions that anyone had and had 0 problems taking the time to explain things in ways that people would understand!”
  • “I found the daily overview very helpful. The instructor was very easy to go to for questions.”
  • “An extremely prepared person, Mr. Pflumm made the course material easy to understand and was able to translate the information into real-life examples.”
  • “I feel the hybrid classroom setting being both in person for the hands-on aspect of the course and it being virtual for the lecture heavy section takes some of the stress out of my current situation.”
  • “My favorite aspect of the course would be the prep for future weeks to come. But I feel like the most valuable portion of this course was how to sell myself to employers. I have really struggled with telling people about myself and Frank did an excellent job breaking it down into chunks that I could work on and improve.”
  • “Personally to me it’s the information. It’s interesting and it’s literally stuff you could go through your entire life and never know a single thing about and you would be fine. But the importance of it in today’s workforce and business is massive.”
  • “knowledge, class size (7 students) and an instructor who went through the program himself”
  • “The instructor!!! His pace was great, his style of teaching was comforting and he definitely provided me with the comfort to believe that I will be fine.”
  • “I am grateful that a course on communication is included before dipping into any technical knowledge. It has already helped me.”
  • “I would just like to say that I believe that Frank did an excellent job and helped me in many ways. I hope that I have other instructors that are as enjoyable as Frank was.”
  • “Loving it! Can’t wait for next week to see the new information and challenges ahead!”
  • “I didn’t get much time with them, but the short time I did they seem easy to go to for questions and willing to help in any capacity.”
  • “GREAT so far and I cannot wait to continue further with my learning”
  • “Keep up the good work! What are your favorite kinds of cookies?”
  • “Frank gave us insights on how to prepare for future weeks due to him going through the process before. I think this really sets everyone up to do well in this 4-month program.”
  • “Being as this was my first virtual learning environment I was confused on some aspects but Frank walked us through any and all hiccups. I only had one problem with Zoom where it failed to respond and it was a simple close and reopen the program to fix it which is why I gave it an 8.”
  • “One of the problems I was thinking I was gonna have was remaining attentive in a virtual environment but the content was enjoyable and interesting enough to keep my attention all the time.”
  • “Even though we were virtual, everyone was involved and engaged in the topics”
  • “So far no problems, I do enjoy the ability to stay home and still learn.”
  • “The curriculum flowed well and I feel like I gained valuable knowledge on many aspects of the job hiring process.”
  • “Having some background in the material presented this week, not everything was new to me. However, the way it was presented helped me retain the information.”
  • “The classroom was clean and comfortable. It was a great learning environment.”
  • “Very clean. Seating was excellent. I could see everything that was being taught or shown on the board.”

Jim MacAuley – Windows Server Administration 1 – Days

  • “jim was really good at making sure we all knew what we were doing and making class fun”
  • “Jim was an amazing instructor and can confidently leave this course knowing that i have learned all that was taught.”
  • “Jim wan engaging and fun.”
  • “Jim was a fantastic instructor and was more than willing to work into break or after class to help troubleshoot any problems we might have had.”
  • “Jim was fantastic and very approachable. Great and fun to learn from!”
  • “The instructors energy and method of teaching were well suited to my learning style”
  • “Every aspect, i loved learning about assigning domains and the inner working of OU’s”
  • “Gaining knowledge”
  • “My favorite aspect of this course was digging into server core and learning more about it’s CLI”
  • “Really enjoyed the hands-on experience with the systems through VMs”
  • “Jim was fantastic overall and I look forward to having him for WS3”
  • “Jim made it easy to ask questions.”

Matt Neilsen – Windows Systems Administration 3 – Days

  • “Matt is clearly knowledgeable about this topic and he effectively teaches it in a manner that is clear and easy to follow”
  • “Matt teaches this course as he does with all the others; Clearly, effectively and creates a positive learning environment while doing so.”
  • “Hands-on training with both virtual machines and physical machines”
  • “The hands-on labs”
  • “The hands-on experience. (Virtual or physical machines) “
  • “This week was very educational and fun!”
  • “The labs were fantastic and contributed a great deal to my understanding”
  • “I loved the way this course was taught. I enjoyed all the hands-on experience a lot.”
  • “I really enjoy trying to configure the physical machines more than virtual just because of the different problems you can run into working with the physical ones”

Chuck Wieners – FSWD Project Week 2 – Evenings

  • “Great instructor to end the program! Very helpful and encouraging.”
  • “Chuck is awesome”
  • “Getting through the project and seeing it completed.”
  • “Learning about deployment”
  • “No comments or concerns, everything is clear and well thought through with my experience coming through the track. Thanks.”

James Caldwell – C# Fundamentals 1 – Days

  • “Glad we had him for two consecutive weeks.”
  • “James was super professional and fun to learn from”
  • “James is mindful of his students and has made a team out of us within the first weeks. He is our biggest supporter aside from ourselves!”
  • “Learning C# was fun because it’s very logical and I like logical thinking”
  • “Figuring out solutions to the problem”
  • “learning a different way to think about the code I’m writing”
  • “James did an amazing job with the first two weeks getting everyone on the same page. he was extremely patient with all the students and met every need.”
  • “I’m looking forward to furthering my IT career!!”
  • “I’m continuing to stay confident”
  • “I have enjoyed the zoom meeting with classmates nightly.”
  • “It is intriguing and difficult. I am excited to learn more.”
  • “Instructor stopped and asked the class if we had any questions frequently”
  • “I like my classmates a lot”
  • “It is informative, inclusive, and FUN!”

Jajuan Elias – Help Desk Fundamentals 1 – Days

  • “Mr. Elias is very personable and helped me understand class material in a relatable manner.”
  • “Instructor encouraged questions so it did make me feel comfortable asking.”
  • “I think Jujuan was very knowledgeable and did great answering questions.”
  • “Good instruction! Was really good about helping with any time someone didn’t understand something and explain it in a way that made sense.”
  • “The instructor did an excellent job getting everyone involved during class discussion and review.”
  • “Accessibility of knowledge has always been important to me and the instructors have made the material easier to understand than if I had attempted learning on my own.”
  • “RAID technologies”
  • “My favorite aspect of this course was learning about the security section.”
  • “For me it’s always the new information. It’s something that is interesting to me so just diving farther into it and gaining a better understanding of how it all works is always the favorite part.”
  • “Even though we didn’t get too deep into it. Building Virtual Machines and the subject on Virus’ was interesting”
  • “The hands-on and the virtual labs”
  • “I hope your holidays are filled with wonder!”
  • “I appreciate the emails and the availability you provide”
  • “There is a lot to memorize, so studying is important. Learning One Note on my laptop has helped a lot too.”
  • “As a visual learner, the power points help immensely. Seeing the information in the text helps me retain knowledge.”
  • “Structured well made sense. Had a flow to it where once you got done learning about it you played around with it making it easier to correspond the lecture with the labs.”
  • “Obviously there is a lot to learn, but the labs and the material were well translated and helped a lot.”
  • “I enjoy the experience at Centriq.”

Matt Neilsen – Linux Administration – Days

  • “Everything this week was enjoyable and very knowledgeable as always.”
  • “I felt I really learned a lot with this course.”
  • “The labs! As always”
  • “The labs help the ideas stick with me.”
  • “I really enjoyed the labs.”

Jenna Beckett – MVC3: Advanced MVC – Days

  • “Wow wow wow…what can I say? Jenna absolutely blew me away with her ability to make the very dense information in this week’s curriculum accessible and memorable. She had a healthy balance between note-taking and code-along, and she has a digital whiteboard which for myself as a visual learner was extraordinarily helpful”
  • “Ajax is neat. Fun to use.”
  • “the ease of flow of topics”
  • “Again, I can’t stress enough how helpful Jenna’s whiteboard was for my learning style.”

Adam Jurotich – Networking Fundamentals 1 – Days

  • “Adam is doing his absolute best to give us what we need. Greatly appreciated!”
  • “I’m repeating myself every week with this section of the survey. Adam is a great instructor, I know I don’t have anyone at Centriq to compare him to but from my time with him, I believe he should be the benchmark for other instructors. He really makes learning easy and fun and is really persistent about making sure we are all on the same page.”
  • “Labs”
  • “That labs. Putting everything together into a culminating activity is what helps me retain the most amount of information.”
  • “My favorite aspect of this course was learning how DHCP and DNS servers interact with machines.”
  • “NetSim”
  • “Really enjoyed doing the labs.”

Jeff Westerhaus – Networking Fundamentals 2 – Days

  • “A lot went very well! Questions were answered more directly as well as the exposition on them. You also gave us more supplemental knowledge about the courses during the lectures which helped us connect topics.”
  • “You did a great job. I appreciate your work these last few weeks.”
  • “Overall, my instructor was very knowledgeable on subjects with real-life experience.”
  • “The instructor was very personable and showed a commitment to our learning and a willingness to help outside of class if we needed. His experience both in the enterprise environment and as a former student of the program was very helpful”
  • “I’m learning more and more”
  • “The building concepts of the individual lessons.”
  • “I like some of the card games in Comptia”
  • “I loved the labs”
  • “Speaking with my instructor, who was very knowledgeable about topics and could provide real-life experience to help us understand subjects.”
  • “Labs were my favorite”
  • “The Learn Comptia Course”
  • “Labs.”
  • “The Hyper V labs were great in tying everything together, to see what it was we learned in the lecture. As a visual learner, this was really important.”
  • “I truly enjoyed this class and excited to learn even more. Thanks for everything!”

Chris Nuckolls – Project Management for the Developer – Days

  • “Chris went above and beyond to help me overcome professional development issues that arose during the week. His positive reinforcement and constructive criticism motivated me to be a better developer. Amazing instructor, thank you!”
  • “Chris is super knowledgeable and fun but still keeps it serious to prep us for real-world.”
  • “the teamwork that we had to do was very enjoyable”
  • “Getting another solid rep with MVC and building a data layer”

Jeff Overhaug – Security+ – Days

  • “very knowledgeable, great personality”
  • “Instructor was great, he answered questions very well.”
  • “Very helpful when asked questions.”
  • “Jeff Overhaug is a talented instructor. He definitely knows the data and shares it well. I found it to be engaging and a lot of good reviews of Net+. Thank you, Jeff!”
  • “Trying out OneNote and it being helpful, I should’ve been using it this whole time”
  • “Kali Linux box”
  • “The instructor and my classmates were great.”
  • “I enjoyed the topic thoroughly. Security was my favorite part of Net+ as well. And we had some laughs which are always good for learning.”
  • “Thank you. I was worried about this class. Don’t think it could’ve progressed any better given the circumstances.”

Andrew Mackay – Windows System Administration 2 – Days

  • “Instructor was very accommodating and focused on each person’s opportunities as they requested. Really down to earth and streamlined instructor. Great job!!”
  • “Andrew did a great job explaining complicated ideas and helping us troubleshoot issues. He was also very approachable when questions or issues did come up, especially with labs.”
  • “Andrew was great and helpful in explaining all the concepts to perfect understanding. I absolutely love how he has the labs set up to be engaging and force your brain to put two and two together. Amazing instructor.”
  • “hands-on with labs”
  • “My favorite aspect of this course were the labs and the number of labs, they really help me to commit lecture material to memory”
  • “Organizational Units was my favorite and permissions as well once the concept was grasped.”
  • “We learned about things, and then practiced them in the labs.”
  • “I really enjoyed this portion of the SSA track, labs really help reinforce lecture and make remembering material easier.”

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