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November 11 02:42 AM

Classroom Experience - December 2018

Week of December 3, 2018

David Ray – Microsoft Windows System Administration 1 – Active Directory, Server Core, RDP, and RSAT – Days

“Ready to help troubleshoot VMs.”

“David was awesome, but keeps bragging about his clash of clans and how he would “own us all” (that was a joke, David is professional and a very good instructor)”

Jeff Overhaug – Networking Fundamentals 1 – CompTIA Network+ and Intro to Cisco Devices – Days

“Jeff is very knowledgeable and helpful in every aspect for networking.”

Steven Russell – CompTIA A+ Essentials 1 – Hardware, Devices, Networking, and Operating Systems – Days

“great instructor :)”

“Cool beans”


“I wouldn’t change a thing :)”

Chris Dunbar – Microsoft Windows System Administration 1 – Active Directory, Server Core, RDP, and RSAT – Days (STL)

“I loved all of the labs!”

“Chris goes above and beyond what is required as an instructor. He brings great enthusiasm every day. I really enjoyed all of the hands-on labs that will help me in the field.”

Jeff DeMaranville – Full Stack Development Project – Build Week – Days

“Jeff helped a lot. He treated this week as an actual job, making us give descriptions of our problem when we needed help, and that was exactly what I wanted. Though, he never left us in the dust if we couldn’t exactly identify said problems. He was informative, helpful, and a genuinely good guy. Glad to have him as a teacher and project manager this week.”

Jenna Beckett – C# .NET Fundamentals 1 – Introduction to C# Language & .NET Framework – Days (STL)

“Really enjoyed having Jenna as my first teacher here at Centriq. She is very knowledgeable and welcoming, making my transition to IT that much more smooth.”

“Thought you did great. Your personality really matches what is needed from an instructor”

“Her excitement for the class content was obvious and infectious. She was very adaptable to teaching in a manner that was productive for us.”

“Looking forward to the new building!”

“Great Learning Environment!”

“I’ve really really enjoyed learning the basics from Jenna! The dry developer “dad humor” was quite entertaining and made the day go quicker and helped make the extreme amounts of information palatable. Keep up the good work and use “Google” to search for cool new jokes! :o)”

Chad Johnson – Cybersecurity Essentials with CompTIA Security+ – Days

“Chad is helpful, informative, does not just give the answers. He wants you to understand how to get there, in order to prepare you for a real-world scenario. THAT is a sign of someone who teaches not instructs.”

“I really like Chad as a teacher, I think he is honestly fantastic. He is very supportive and really helps bring people up. I think he seriously is one of the top instructors here! I feel like I can’t thank him enough for everything that he has helped me through, Thanks Chad!”

“Chad was great he made the driest material engaging and kept it entertaining.”

“Chad created a fantastic environment for learning, was very impressed”

Frank Pflumm – Systems and Security Career Foundation – Days

“One of the best instructors I have had, throughout my entire high-school/college/training experiences.”

“I am very pleased.”

Eric Reid – Advanced MVC – Design Patterns, Unit Testing, & Advanced User Interactions – Days

“Excellent thorough breakdowns of everything we were learning in class”

“Very methodical when troubleshooting issues we had and couldn’t figure out ourselves.”

David Ray – A+ Essentials 901 – Hardware, Devices, and Networks – Evenings

“Instructor was very personable and clearly has a high regard for his students and how they are learning. This class was excellent in large part because the instructor knows the material in and out and knows how to teach it.”

Week of December 10, 2018

Jenna Beckett – C# Fundamentals 2 – Complex Datatypes & Collections – Days

“the instructors were very prepared and knowledgeable about the material”

“Jenna was amazing. She always made sure to help any of us that had issues. Derek did a good job at filling in, though it was a difficult subject to go over.”

“Jenna was very supportive and encouraging, especially when I was having a melt-down.”

“Jenna should get a raise! I am going to miss her when I move on. She does such a great job of engaging me and walking me through the lessons.”

“These past two weeks were very informative and fun. There was never a dull moment in our class”

“Keep on keeping on. You do a great job of creating a relaxed and comfortable learning environment”

“Derek filled in for Jenna and he did a great job picking up where she left off and helping us continue through the lessons”

Jeff Overhaug – Networking Fundamentals 1 – CompTIA Network+ and Intro to Cisco Devices – Days

“Great job, very insightful into the topics covered, ensured that no student was left hanging or fell behind while also encouraging and challenging advanced students to further their learning of the inner-workings of the VM’s”

“Jeff always helped me fix any problem while going through labs”

“Very knowledgeable and willing to help us out. Pretty awesome”

“Jeff is a great instructor and makes the material very easy to understand”

Caleb George – Microsoft Windows System Administration 2 – Days

“Ten Tin Cans, also he was super helpful in helping me understand group nesting and how what we learned this week interacts with it”

“You’re great.”

“Caleb is very knowledgeable and is almost always able to answer questions with clear answers and real-world situations to put them into context.”

“Probably the best instructor in the buildin’.”

Frank Pflumm – CompTIA A+ Essentials 1 – Hardware, Devices, Networking, and Operating Systems – Days

“Very good instructor”

“Was a great teacher who really helped make things clear through examples and explanations, was patient with the whole class as well.”

“This was great hope the rest are like this.”

Chris Dunbar – CompTIA A+ Essentials 2 – Security, Server, Cloud, and Help Desk Support – Days (STL)

“Very helpful, always seems happy to answer questions or assist me no matter how much help I need.”

“really good instructor, went above and beyond when it came to instructing”

“very fun class enjoyed labs”

Chris Nuckolls – Advanced C# Review & Technical Interview Prep – Days

“It was good no changes needed.”

Caleb George – Microsoft Windows System Administration 2 – Evenings

“Just like Chad. Caleb knew his stuff and showed me some easy PowerShell commands”

Chris Nuckolls – Introduction to MVC – Model, View, Controller Fundamentals – Evenings

“I believe Chris could teach anyone anything he chose. I feel privileged that I’ve benefited from his choice to teach coding at Centriq.”

Week of December 17, 2018

Matt Neilsen – WS3 Microsoft Windows System Administration 3 – Days (STL)

“I enjoy having to troubleshoot and figure out a problem on my own cause I feel it helps me learn a bit better and brings in all the content we’ve been over.”

Chad Johnson – PSP Microsoft Windows PowerShell Programming for System Administration – Days

“I like the teaching style of us going back and learning it together very nicely.”

Steven Russell – -A+902 – Days

“I like your straightforward approach. The labs were very beneficial.”

“Made class engaging and interesting and the hands-on experience really made me feel more confident in my skills.”

“instructor made it a comfortable classroom experience. His ability to turn the lectured content into hands-on lab practice made the content easy to understand.”

“Fantastic Instructor. His knowledge of subject matter, expertise in the field and overall energy were great”

“Loved the labs, it really helps understand the material.”

Derek Duderstadt – MVC4: Distributed Computing – Dependency Injection, AngularJS, & Web Services – Days

“Thanks for helping me with all of my problems, you’ve been an awesome instructor and would definitely give you a 10 if I could.”

“A lot of help, I like the extensive steps and note taking”

Chad Johnson – A+902 – Evenings

“Mr. Johnson is one of the most personable instructors I have had the pleasure of taking a class with. I enjoyed his class very much. I very much enjoyed how the instructor was able to relate the material to real life and convey it in a realistic way. I look forward to seeing if I am able to learn from this instructor again”