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November 11 02:37 AM

Classroom Experience - August 2019

Week of August 5, 2019

Steven Russell – Networking Fundamentals 1 – Days

“When learning from the book, some concepts are hard to understand, but after completing the labs many of the concepts became much clearer.”

Chris Nuckolls – TEAM – Days

“I enjoy Chris as an Instructor, it would be nice to have Chris as our Instructor throughout the entire Course.”

“Chris is a fantastic instructor who is very thorough and organized.”

Caleb George – Windows Server Administration 1 – Days

“The training was good”

Jenna Beckett – Front-End Development 2 – Days

“Instructor is very knowledgeable in what she is teaching. I like the fact that the content is being demonstrated or explained in several different ways to better understand the content. As I learn by hands-on or seeing the demonstrations in action. So I really appreciate this teaching method. Also, reviewing the labs in class was very helpful.”

“I liked the detailed explanation per individual student as needed”

Frank Pflumm – Systems & Security Career Foundations – Days

“Mr. Pflumm did a great job. Training days can be long and boring, but the instructor was able to present the information n a manner that kept everyone engaged and we were able to retain the information very easily.
Really like the first weeks flow of IT training. Starting with ports and mix in a few tips about how to be a better student(note-taking skills). Outstanding way to start the track.”

“Excellent presentation of the material. The instructor presented the material in several ways and made sure to cover multiple learning styles in the process.”

“Mr. Pflumm really hit everything out the park in my eyes. He always came in with good energy and really had good knowledge about the subjects he was teaching us. One thing I really liked though, as if he didn’t know the answer to a question, he let us know he didn’t have the knowledge and he went out his way to either find out the answer or put us in a spot where we could go an find it out ourselves. When presenting, there was never a dull moment. He had everyone all tuned in and since being in the law enforcement for many years, he gave us a lot of real-world experiences. I wish I could have him for the whole track just because I understand the way he teaches.”

“He has an incredible ability to hold your attention, he answers everything as in-depth as he possibly can, and he never shy’s away from a question.”

“The instructor was amazing. He kept the classroom engaged in the material and made sure everyone understood what was expected. He went out of his way to help those who have problems with public speaking.”

“Mr. Pflumm was very professional and was able to give real-life examples about what the class was learning and applying it to where we would use these skills.
Instructor answered any and all questions that were related to the training material and future materials that we would cover. I was very satisfied with what was said and how it was presented. Many real-life experiences were presented and gave me an idea of what to expect moving on through the course.”

“Shows a strong passion to make the students better. Brings life experiences to discussions about what will go on in the program. Very responsive to questions from the class and has a great attitude while teaching.”

“I wouldn’t change anything”

“Well for me, I came in with no knowledge at all and I’m happy to say the course was amazing and I wouldn’t change anything so far.”

“Probably one of the best classroom experiences I have had. I would not change a thing.”

“I do not think I would change anything with the way the first week goes. The first week introduces the basics as well as prepares you from what is to come in the future.”

Week of August 12, 2019

Steven Russell – Networking Fundamentals 2 – Days

“Great knowledge”

“Steven is an incredible instructor and taught me more than I expected to learn. He taught the subject in a very clear manner to where I could easily understand the content.”

“Super Duper Fantastic job! and a sweet haircut.”

“Without meaning to be overly cheesy, this instructor honestly brings out the best in my abilities.”


“Outstanding motivation and drive!”

“The labs really helped enforce many of the concepts I did not understand in the lecture.”

“The application of the materials in the labs made the concepts become understandable”

David Ray – Help Desk Fundamentals 1 – Days

“The instructor is very knowledgeable.”

“Dave did a great job presenting material and making sure everyone understood the information.”

“The set up was perfect for someone like me without very much computer knowledge coming into class.”

Jeff Overhaug – Windows System Administration 2 – Days

“excellent teacher. very knowledgeable. He goes out of his way to help with stuff even its the current class he’s teaching.”

“Very good layout and presentation for all the information”

“Jeff makes it clear to understand when you’re working on learning the diagrams.”

“I enjoy your teaching methods. Stay cool.”

“Jeff is a fantastic instructor!! I love his sense of humor and he makes learning the content fun.”

Kasama Kasemvudhi – Security+ – Days

“He has made the entire week a blast to learn and I thoroughly enjoyed his class!”

“Kasama was def. my favorite instructor. Great personality, very detailed information, and the delivery were perfect.”

“Kasama was a great instructor. He is super funny and explains things pretty well.”

“Kasama knows a lot and I wish we had at least another week with him to get more information from him.”

“Amazing subject knowledge taught from personal knowledge and experience.”

“Kasama has excellent knowledge of the course material. He set everybody up for success with his teaching method. He can relate any question asked with personal experience and how he resolved the issue.”

“Kasama excelled at both illustrating security concepts on the board and trying his consulting experience with the book material. In addition, he provided humor in what would have been a very dry subject!”

Frank Pflumm – System & Security Career Foundation – Days (STL)

“Instructor was well knowledgeable of the course.”

“Frank Pflumm knows a great deal about the subject matter he was teaching.”

“I thought the course was extraordinarily well done and I wouldn’t change a thing.”

“training was great”

Matt Neilsen – IT PRO Project Week 1 – Days (STL)

“Matt was fair in giving us help on the project this week. If we put in the effort to research our issues and troubleshoot but still had issues, he would help.”

“Matt did great. It was a stressful work for the class, but he did an amazing job of knowing to step in and when to let us vent and work things out on our own.”

“Gives students a realistic view of what to expect.”

“Very realistic and challenging”

Jason Presley – TEAM – Evenings

“Enjoyed the lab time with opportunities to fail, and then struggle. Jason was good with answering questions and providing help.”

David Ray – PowerShell Programming for System Administration – Evenings

“Great knowledge on the subject he is teaching”

“Very knowledgeable and helpful”

“Great environment”

Week of August 19, 2019

Caleb George – IT PRO Project Week 1 – Days

“I like that he challenges us and wants us to do our best before we elevate our need for help.”

“He was a good instructor, a solid base of knowledge, hands-on when needed.”

“Caleb was awesome.”

“Caleb has a vast amount of knowledge and will offer help when needed. His teaching style corresponds with the type of class where the student needs to draw on his/her knowledge gained through the course.”

Eric Reid – MVC3: Advanced MVC – Days

“Eric is incredibly knowledgable and patient. He also actively monitors to make certain that all students are keeping up which I greatly appreciate.”

“Eric is very smart and communicates the material very well. I enjoy having him as an instructor.”

“Eric is a phenomenal teacher.”

James Caldwell – Introduction to DATA – Days

“The instructor was willing to help us out even after class, during breaks, etc. So I found that was very helpful.”

“I appreciate the amount of time spent to make sure the students really understand modules before continuing on.”

Jenna Beckett – C# Fundamentals Part 1 – Days

“Jenna is a great instructor! In a high school class that I took, my instructor didn’t know the language we were supposed to be learning! This is a wonderful difference.”

“I really enjoy the writing of notes on the board and in the code.”

“If someone had a question related to the subject of the matter, she would always have an answer for it.”

“It’s one of the best environment’s I’ve been in for learning. Having two monitors is a blessing, the massive TV upfront makes it incredibly easy to follow along, and the room and class size are small enough allowing you to be an active participant at all times.”

“Everything was fantastic!”

“I’m glad she was my C# Fundamentals Part 1 Teacher!”

Kasama Kasemvudhi – Windows System Administration 3 – Days

“Kasama has so much information that it would take me years to pick all his knowledge for his brain! He’s such an awesome instructor and he has such a great personality and sense of humor.”

“Very Knowledgeable, great review and information”

“With Kasama, I wouldn’t change a thing! This week with him was too short.”

Chad Johnson – Help Desk Fundamentals 2 – Days

“Very outgoing and engaging helps keep the day flowing.”

“Did very well in making the information fun by creating a good atmosphere.”

“Chad Johnson brings a whole new approach to the classroom. His instruction may be unique but very wholesome and refreshing.”

“Really enjoyed how Johnson taught. He made sure everyone got involved and followed up with each student to make sure they understood the course material”

“outstanding of teaching me the skills and understanding it”

“The instructor does an amazing job of relating the information to things understandable to the students.”

Steven Russell – Help Desk Fundamentals 1 – Days (STL)

“thank you for helping me gained knowledge”

“Very satisfied with the course instruction”

“I wouldn’t change the training content at all.”

Frank Pflumm – Systems & Security Career Foundation – Evenings

“It’s been a while since an instructor/professor/teacher has really captured my attention and made, what I once thought was complicated information, very simple to understand.”

“Frank is very thorough, responsive and engaging!”

“Pflumm is a great instructor and made my experience very immersive and interesting.”

“Ever since I was a little kid, I always hated going to school. Absolutely hated it. But, ever since I started at Centriq, I have been excited to get to class! Thanks, Pflumm.”

“Very kind and helpful! Answered all questions completely and made sure students understood everything that was said.”

“Pflumm is a professional instructor that applies real-world experiences and integrates student involvement with course material.”

“Awesome. I honestly do not have anything to add for improvement.”

“This first week has been amazing.”

Week of August 26, 2019

Caleb George – IT Project Week 2 – Days

“Caleb was a great instructor. He was solid in leading us to success. I appreciate him. Very Much. :)”

Jeff DeMaranville – Advanced C# Review & Technical Interview Prep – Days

“Jeff was awesome, does a great job at explaining it in an easy way for me to understand!”

“Great pacing in presenting the material. Able to break things down in a way that is understandable.”

“Jeff is a fantastic teacher.”

Chuck Wieners – MVC1: Introduction to MVC – Days

“I feel the instructor was very knowledgeable in teaching this course. The instructor was able to go through the content several times, and provided us with a lot of good resources to help with learning this content.”

Jenna Beckett – C# Fundamentals Part 2 – Days

“All good! I know that other students think so too!”

“Once again, the TV is awesome! Also, the provided laptops have a fantastic battery and the full HD resolution is very much appreciated.”

Jeff Overhaug – Linux Administration – Days

“Thank you for taking the time to help me even when I keep asking so many questions.”

“Jeff is extremely approachable when I needed help and very intuitive in troubleshooting. Very professional but also kept the atmosphere light. Great experience.”

“Jeff is a great teacher and really knows Linux”

Chris Dunbar – Help Desk Fundamentals 2 – Days (STL)

“The instructor was very patient with me, I was slow in picking some information, the instructor remained clam in every way for my understanding.”

“Chris is a very good instructor. He makes good analogies and explains things thoroughly.”

“Very knowledgeable, effective, and helpful instructor. I would not change his style or methods.”

“outstanding performance by the instructor”

“The instructor brought in some real-world experience in doing labs and so many different ways getting the same lab done”

Jon Lindley – Project Week 1 – Days (STL)

“Jon is always willing to help and is very relatable.”

Jeff Overhaug – IT Project Week 2 – Evenings

“Jeff is by far one of Centriq’s quality instructors. He’s extremely helpful, supportive of all of his students, and you can tell he never gives less than 100% with anything that he does. I hope he understands how appreciated he really is. Jeff is an outstanding instructor!”

“Jeff was amazing. Really a vault of knowledge and provides excellent instruction.”

“First off, Jeff is one of the best instructors I experienced in this course.”

Chad Johnson – Windows System Administration 1 – Evenings

“Mr. Johnson is a great instructor who uses real-world, practical labs and examples. I enjoyed my time with Chad, and would recommend him to anyone seeking advice.”

“As always chad does a great job on breaking down the info that we are getting so it’s not a foreign language. He helps break down for the ones that don’t pick it up as fast”

“Chad is full of energy and gets learning interesting”

“A very easy learning environment. I learned a lot of new information during MWSA1”