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November 11 02:40 AM

Classroom Experience - August 2018

Week of August 6, 2018

Derek Duderstadt – Team Development – SDLC, UML,& Pair Programming – Days

“Awesome per usual, very helpful and explains things in a straightforward manner that’s easy to understand. Emphasizes important keywords. Just a chill guy who cares about us understanding the content and getting it to work and helping us understand how to fix the problems we encounter for the future. Doesn’t beat around the bush which I like.”

“I loved having Derek as an instructor and I can’t wait to have another course with him. My last several courses with him have been a good experience.”

“Make Derek our teacher more”

Steven Russell – Systems & Security Career Foundation – Days

“amazing instructor”

“Really enjoyed every day of class. This is the first time I have actually looked forward to coming to class. Steven Russell created a fun learning environment. He made concepts that I thought would be hard to learn, easy to understand in minutes. Made my nervous start at a training facility, turn into a welcoming environment that I’m happy to be a part of.”

“Stay upbeat and keep up the humor. Thank you, you did great.”

“Russell is a very dynamic instructor. He keeps things interesting.”

“Did a good job breaking down the material and make it make more sense for the people who are not as IT savvy”

“Steve Russell is great! couldn’t have asked for a better instructor”

“An incredibly engaging instructor. Please continuing being this way.”

Chad Johnson – Linux Administration – Days

“How does one speak of watching an angel dance across the sky in a torrent of beauty and wisdom? Can one relay what it’s like to feel the universe enter your brain? God….Chad, is there any difference between the two? Can his knowledge of I.T. build any higher than the castles in the heavens? His ability to flood our minds with the intermediate basics of Linux is beyond astounding. He’s like a T-Rex, a rocket launcher, and Mother Teresa and adopted a beautiful orphan child named Chad.”

“Chad made learning easy, Class was fun.”

“After sitting through Chad’s class and learning Linux I can confidentially say my future is noticeably brighter, so bright that I can see it reflected in his beautiful bald head.”

“Provided challenges. Interacted professionally. Injected a Disney Princess environment into Linux. Nice! What more can be said?”

“Great instructor, made the learning fun and took the time to make sure we were all on the same page in the labs and setting up our VM’s so no one was left behind. Overall amazing week of class with great labs!”

“He was good”

“Chad was great and really knew the subject matter. I really liked Chad. He was really good about going slow and making sure everyone got it.”

“the classroom environment was amazing for learning, and made learning linux a lot more simple and easier to grasp and understand by the end of the week.”

“Chad had a good command of the class and the material taught”

Caleb George – Windows Server Administration 2 – Days

“Goes very in depth on a lot of topics. Makes them easier to understand. Pacing is pretty good as well.”

“Caleb is a great instructor, he does a fantastic job of breaking down the material and explaining it in a very layman way.”

Chris Nuckolls – Front-End Development 2 – JavaScript & jQuery – Days

“Chris is very knowledgeable about the subjects that he is teaching, and teaches them in a way that makes learning new things easy.”

“good job dude”

“I enjoyed Chris’s teaching because he pushed us to get done as much as we could outside the classroom.”

“At the end, we developed as a group, learning to work better together. Good experience overall!”

Matt Neilsen – Linux Administration – Days (STL)

“Matt is very knowledgeable and helpful.”

Craig Gerdes – Systems & Security Office 365 – Days

“Wonderful performance, very knowledgeable”

“Craig took time to make sure we understood the information.”

“Nice job.”

“Great Class”

“With little knowledge of Microsoft word/excel through this class, i now feel more confident to fully utilize the skills I have learned and take them with me with confidence into a Job invorment”

Hai Hilvitz – Comprehensive Systems Project – Design, Build, and Deploy – Evenings

“You made the course fun to learn. Thank you for the one on one time.”

Week of August 13, 2018

Frank Pflumm – A+ Essentials 901 – Hardware, Devices, and Networks – Days

“Freakin’ great. Keep this one.”

“Instructor does a phenomenal job to help understand certain subjects that one would not know”

“instructor was fantastic”

Chuck Wieners – Distributed Computing – Dependency Injection, AngularJS, & Web Services – Days (STL)

“Love Chuck’s teaching style!”

David Ray – Interconnecting Cisco Network Devices 1 v3 – Days

“Answers all questions when asked. Instructor utilized his experiences to better assist in explaining situations.”

“Awesome instructor”

“Knows what he is talking about and knowledgeable”

“The Instructor made us a step by step chart which was great.”

Matt Neilsen – Cybersecurity Essentials with CompTIA Security+ – Days (STL)

“Matt really knows what he is doing. Maybe one day I will be as knowledgeable as him.”

“Matt did a good job this week of helping us through a LOT of material”

Chris Dunbar – Interconnecting Cisco Network Devices 1 v3 – Days (STL)

“Chris does great teaching and making things easy to understand”

“Good use of sims to go along with book material”

“Chris is awesome at keeping a good sense of humor during lecture and paces the material incredibly well, I learn a lot just from his lectures”

“Chris knows his stuff.”

Chad Johnson – Cybersecurity Essentials with CompTIA Security+ – Days

“amazing instructor who made quite a dry week of material exciting to learn.”

“10 out of 10 would Chad again.”

“great, thanks for breaking it down for me!!!”

Hai Hilvitz – Windows Server Administration 3 – Days

“Very fun to be around. If you have any questions has no problem answering them with a good description”

Derek Duderstadt – Distributed Computing – Dependency Injection, AngularJS, & Web Services – Evenings

“Derek is great! I felt like he was really trying to answer any questions we have and prepare us for the final projects.”

“Dereck did a great job of covering all aspects of this course in an easy to understand way while maintaining a fun learning environment. He’s really a top-notch instructor. Thanks, Dereck!!”

Week of August 20, 2018

Frank Pflumm – A+ Essentials 902 – Operating Systems and Security – Days

“Pflumm is a true hero to every person that has ever passed through his life.”

“Wikipedia contacts Pflumm when they need help with information about the Spanish American War.”

“FrankenPflumm is a darn nice guy! The PflummSause is amazing!”


“If anyone had any questions, Pflumm would be able to answer them until everyone understood the new concept. Anything that Pflumm couldn’t answer right away, he put away time to be able to answer it for us, leaving no questions unanswered which I believe is very important in order to help each student build on to their knowledge base and provide needed clarification.”

“I appreciate Pflumm taking the time to make sure we are understanding the content and stopping to help us get back on track if we get a little lost.”

Jenna Beckett – C# .NET Fundamentals 1 – Introduction to C# Language & .NET Framework – Days

“Absolutely WONDERFUL! -Thank you SO MUCH!”

“Be my teacher for the whole track….. please”

“She’s good for a muggle!!!”

“Jenna, You are a killer. I’m having a blast. Thank you, Doug”

“By far the best classroom experience I have ever had.”

Chuck Wieners – Full Stack Development Project – Build Week – Days (STL)

“Chuck and Jon were awesome!”

Hai Hilvitz – Comprehensive Systems Project – Design, Build, and Deploy – Days

“Knowledgeable and helpful”

“Hai did a great job in teaching us, he let us learn on our own instead of handing us the answers but would help when we hit a wall and could not figure out how to get past a certain point.”

“was fun building the network on actual hardware that we will be seeing in the field,”

Jeff Overhaug – Linux Administration – Days

“Jeff does a phenomenal job of making very dry content engaging.”

“Great teacher. Linux is a little dry to listen to, but not his fault.”

“he really knows this stuff very well, and this is not a simple subject”

Derek Duderstadt – Introduction to MVC – Model, View, Controller Fundamentals – Days

“Very well versed in the subject matter. Great job keep it up!”

“Derek is a great instructor. He is very well spoken; to where the material is easier to understand, especially when he gives real-world examples. Really would like to have him as an instructor for the whole track.”

“good job dude”

“We were able to get through all MVC content for the week as well as go over and understand css, js & jQuery. Derek is a GREAT instructor!”

“If I could give 10’s, I would. Derek went out of his way to ensure a clear understanding of concepts (whiteboarding, quizzing, reviews) He was super supportive–not afraid to clarify in code-along material and projects. He has been responsive and encouraging throughout this course. I’m very grateful for his instruction! Thank you, Derek!”

“Once again, Well done to Mr. Duderstadt. great teacher! would give him 10’s if that was an option.”

Matt Neilsen – Comprehensive Systems Project – Design, Build, and Deploy – Days (STL)

“Matt is very knowledgeable in this field. Very well done.”

“I do respect and actually enjoy that he wants us to figure out things on our own.”

“Classmates always helpful and encouraging.”

“This week was the most educational so far. Actually being able to work with real equipment outside of VMs really helped enforce what we’ve learned and also brought up new topics that we have not seen before.”

David Ray – PowerShell Programming for Network Administration – Days

“I felt that David Ray was a solid instructor, his knowledge and experience showed every time someone had a question.”

“I personally wouldn’t change a thing. I feel like the course itself was easy to follow and equally easy to understand and keep up with the material presented. The course also gave me a much deeper appreciation for those who program for a career, as it might not be something I want to do all the time.”

Chris Dunbar – PowerShell Programming for Network Administration – Days (STL)

“Enthusiastic, helpful, and insightful.”

“Chris’ ability to teach and explain things is amazing and his enjoyment of the topics he teaches shows through and makes learning more enjoyable.”

“Knowledgeable and smart about the subject”

Steven Russell – Systems & Security Career Foundation – Days (STL)

“Steven was very enthusiastic about his teaching. He answered questions with pride. He would help each student individually. He did an amazing job in my eyes. Very knowledgeable”

“Very knowledgeable on the subject matter. Made sure to answer all questions making sure not to leave anyone out.”

“He was very knowledgeable and did a great job answering questions.”

“I felt he was outstanding overall. he presented the topics well, he had a full understanding of how to approach the subject for each student based on the misunderstanding of the subject.”

“Steve did a great job. I learned a lot and appreciated the fact that he kept the class and the material from becoming stale.”

“was a great start to Centriq’s courses.”

“Nice environment”

“very nice environment to focus and learn.”

“The instructor made the environment very fun and engaging. He maintained a great balance of work and play. I really enjoyed his humor and the fact that he was also very forward and didn’t sugar coat anything. I learned a lot and also had a great time.”

“I enjoyed every aspect of his teaching process.”

“It was a very nice, laid back first week. I enjoyed every second of it.”

“Steve was very energetic which made it easy to pay attention. and he also showed some tips on how to break things down in the way he learned and/or figured out along his way. was very helpful.”

Chad Johnson – Windows Server Administration 1 – Evenings

“The best one I’ve ever had. Through any school as a civilian and in the military. Thanks!”

“Chad could literally teach me the phone book. I love his take on teaching and breaking it down for even me to understand.”

“The instructor was very knowledgeable and resourceful.”

“This class made a lot of sense to me.”

” liked going through and completing everything hands on.”

“The training was very informative”

Frank Pflumm – Systems & Security Career Foundation- Evenings

“had a lot of fun, and showed us on what positions new hires go into.”

“Great instructor. Ties in real-world experience when relevant”

“Instructor was very engaging and kept things interesting. Like that we have a prep course before we get into the meat and potatoes. All questions were answered respectfully.”

“A good professor with the knowledge to back up his style.”

“Instructor very personable and engaging.”

“It’s a safe environment that makes me realize we’re all here to learn and no question is nonsensical.”

“I’m more satisfied with Centriq than any school I’ve ever attended.”

Week of August 27, 2018

Chad Johnson – A+ Essentials 901 – Hardware, Devices, and Networks – Days (STL)

“Instructor made class very fun at the same time making sure the material was being learned.”

“Very fun class, he made learning an enjoyable experience”

“The hands-on parts of the class were the best parts since we were able to test the skills and knowledge that we were learning in class.”

“Chad was very good at using analogies and making the material memorable.”

“Fun and informative”

‘Very fun and engaging learning environment. Loved the hands-on stuff”

“It was a fun environment that made learning easy.”

“It was a relaxed pleasant environment.”

Steven Russell – A+ Essentials – Server Configuration and Help Desk Training – Days

“Steve’s energy & confidence challenges us to apply the knowledge from the book to real-world scenarios.”

“great instructor, keep him for as long as possible”

“Steve rocks. There are only positive things in this classroom. A very comfortable learning environment.”

“Very positive, encouraging environment.”

“Steve is amazing. He always has a faint aroma of fresh daisies milling about him.”

“Go, Steve!”

Derek Duderstadt – Advanced C# Review & Technical Interview Prep – Days

“Third time we’ve had Derek for our class, and we’ve had a great experience every time. 10/10 instructor, would take the class again :)”

“Derek is the man as always, great handwriting and ability to explain things. Only had Chuck for a couple days but was also just as awesome. Passionate and easy to understand and made the class great.”

“Derek ROCKS”

Jenna Beckett – C# Fundamentals 2 – Complex Datatypes & Collections – Days

“Jenna has been very good at making it so that the information she is passing to us is understandable and making sure that she answers questions before moving on. She has also made sure to inform every one of mentoring availability.”

“Jenna is by far my favorite teacher that I have ever had, I am looking forward to continuing the track under her guidance.”

“A+++++++++++ for Jenna!”

“Really enjoy how you took the time to answer ALL questions, no questions were stupid questions. Your teaching style is very visual which is really helpful for understanding complex concepts. I’ve learned so much the past couple of weeks and I thank you! You seem like you really want us all to succeed!”

Jason Presley (subbing for Chris Nuckolls) – Introduction to DATA – SQL, XML, & JSON- Days

“Shout out to Chris ( though this is reviewing Jason): I appreciated his consistent clarification with new concepts and ideas. You could tell by his presentation of material the thoughtfulness in his instruction. Thanks, Chris! Jason, thanks for filling in. You seem to consistently try to bring material to the most simplistic levels to create understanding.”

“Both Jason and Chris were very good at explaining and demonstrating content.”

Hai Hilvitz – Comprehensive Systems Project – Advanced Implementation and Employer Presentation – Days

“Hai was a great instructor, he was there to help if we asked him for it but he reinforced using the tools we ourselves have which allowed us to prove to ourselves that we could do this and we can find the right way. Amazing instructor please keep him around.”

Matt Neilsen – Comprehensive Systems Project – Advanced Implementation and Employer Presentation – Days (STL)

“Matt is always on top of things. Great job!”

“Matt was really helpful during project week. He always had constructive feedback.”

“Great classmates. I wish them all well!”

“Matt did a great job preparing us for our presentation”

Kasama Kasemvudhi – Cybersecurity Essentials with CompTIA Security+ – Days

“Very energetic, great teacher.”

“very knowledgeable, and loves the subject he teaches, looking forward to maybe come back for CEH”

David Ray – Windows Server Administration 1 – Days

“I personally wouldn’t change a thing, I felt that the course was very well laid out and easy enough to follow.”

Chris Dunbar – Windows Server Administration 1 – Days (STL)

“one of the best teachers I’ve had to date. I’ve learned more in three weeks under him than I did through years of school previous.”

“Enjoyed the ability to get reps in all aspects of ADUC and DNS”

“Chris has by far been the best instructor I’ve had in any learning environment. I’ve enjoyed being able to learn from him.”

“Knowledgeable and great instructor”

“Chris is thorough and explains information very well”

“Chris is an awesome instructor that did an amazing job showing us practical applications for PowerShell scripts”