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November 11 02:29 AM

Classroom Experience - April 2021

Student Comments

  • “I am continuing to have confidence in learning the material that is being taught to me due to the instructor has worked in the field of study.”
  • “I think my instructor did an excellent job not only covering the class material but also giving us important information that would be useful later along with supporting examples of the reasons why. I especially liked how he ensured that we all understood before moving on to the next topics.”
  • “Learning about all of the bits and pieces of ASP.Net MVC and the different functionality within each piece. MVC was intimidating at first but I now see how much easier it makes the web development process.”
  • “Thank you each and every one of you who put so much hard work and care and effort into this course and ensuring that we succeed! I’ve grown to love each of you, and I am beyond grateful for everything that you do, the time that you spend ensuring that we are learning and making progress on our own instead of spoon-feeding us answers, but also not leaving us out to dry. All of you have made such an impact in my life, and I cannot express how grateful I am! I know we’ll be seeing each other around! πŸ™‚ – Sarah”

Chris Nuckolls – ARTP – Days

  • “Chris is simply the best”
  • “As always, Chris is wonderful, impartial, and doesn’t spoon-feed us answers. He always makes sure that we think through everything.”
  • “Chris is awesome and I’m really grateful for this review focused class”
  • “I really enjoy C#. And, I really loved the coding challenges! They were challenging and refreshing.”
  • “All good”
  • “The review was great and the coding challenges were awesome homework”

Chris Nuckolls – MVC1 – Evenings

  • “This class was great! As always you were enjoyable to learn from!”
  • “Great instructor, he really makes it feel comfortable and a normal work space that helps learn.”
  • “Chris is a wonderful teacher and I really enjoy his classes.”
  • “Hooking up Email functionality”
  • “The friendly environment, feeling both comfortable and relaxed while learning at my own pace.”
  • “Seeing everything work together in a web application”
  • “Lots of lab time.”
  • “It takes some time but I feel I’m learning quite well enough and easily paced. Teachers help a bunch learning things whenever needed.”
  • “I do like the virtual environment, I enjoy doing things on my time.”
  • “Very knowledgeable, I learned a lot of useful things. Really knows the topic well.”
  • “All around the class was good. I really enjoyed learning how everything goes together instead of just individual parts of a web application.”
  • “Really fun environment, Chris is always enjoyable. We can joke and have fun while learning very well.”

Adam Jurotich (Jeff Overhaug Mon/Tues) – Networking Fundamentals 1 – Days

  • “does a great job every day”
  • “Adam and Jeff were awesome in explaining all the concepts, new and old, that we covered this week. All questions were promptly answered, and there were plenty of real-world stories and anecdotes to go along with the subject matter at hand.”
  • “great learning environment”
  • “The classroom environment (aka Home) was great! 10/10. Would recommend. Also, the software worked perfectly and was easy to get through all of our tasks.”

John Hardin – Networking Fundamentals 1 – Days

  • “Well Rounded. Knowledgeable.”
  • “very friendly and made good notes to let us know it is okay to speak up”
  • “learning the boson netsim”
  • “hands down the labs were the best I learn by doing so that part helped me the most”
  • “Training on job necessary skills”
  • “john was engaging with getting to know the class and tried to having fun as much as possible”
  • “Getting to learn what the information we are taught actually does. I feel like i am learning but im not so sure how everything applies to the real world.”
  • “New info and getting into CLI and cisco stuff.”
  • “John was great”
  • “learning new material”
  • “the instructor”
  • “in person schooling has always been my go to but i’m slowly starting to enjoy and learn via zoom”
  • “fun and friendly environment”
  • “zoom class was awesome”

Andrew Mackay – Windows Server Administration 1 – Days

  • “Andrew was awesome this week. Like my previous instructors, he made the material very “user friendly”. I also really appreciate his pacing. He moved slow when necessary and picked up the pace as the week went on, always slowing down when requested. It was nice for an instructor to have faith in my teams ability to keep up.”
  • “Great class you made these concepts really easy to grasp for active directory.”
  • “Was very ok with questions and comments and was very encouraging the entire time. It is so refreshing to have a genuinely positive instructor”
  • “Did a wonderful job and made learning very engaging”
  • “Andrew did great. was patient and took his time answering all our questions.”
  • “I had a great time this week. You made this week stress free and conducted a very friendly learning environment. This week was especially satisfying to see a lot of the things we’ve been learning here at Centriq come together, thank you Andrew!”
  • “Awesome job! Thanks for working with me.”
  • “Andrew was excellent at breaking down the content and was great about never leaving anyone behind. I really enjoyed the final lab of the week as I really felt like I knew what I was doing for the most part.”
  • “Everything seemed very well organized and presented.”
  • “Things were explained well, never felt stressed over material.”
  • “Andrew and my teammates. Andrew did an awesome job of explaining WHY certain things needed to be done, and my teammates were helpful in offering solutions to everyone else’s issues.”
  • “Hands on learning in hyper-v”
  • “I loved the labs! Especially loved at the end of the course when you are able to remote in from your laptop into a windows client and from that client manage both servers at once. So awesome.”
  • “Actually being hands on with working with things”
  • “The labs really help and repitition”
  • “Seeing everything come to fruition that we’ve been learning!”
  • “Learning about remote access.”
  • “All the hands on labs. I felt comfortable with most of it by the end of the week.”
  • “All the labs and hands on stuff.”
  • “So positive. For someone who struggles with test anxiety and ptsd from school it is so amazing to have such a positive experience and instructor.”
  • “I’m loving my progress.”
  • “I feel confident…..if I have access to the quick guides. This weeks material had quite a bit of steps in order to accomplish each individual task, so it particularly easy to miss a small detail. Other than that I feel good about it.”
  • “Great job, really took time to make sure everything was understood.”
  • “I loved this course! I love the hands on a creating servers and configuring them was so interesting and fun.”
  • “Very good class, favorite so far.”

Matt Schwarzenberger – Linux Administration – Days

  • “Always willing to help and explain things in a way they made sense”
  • “Was really engaging.”
  • “Great class. Even though we only touched Linux for a week it was very interesting and fun to explore and mess around in. Best part was trying to trouble shoot some of the issues we had as a class.”
  • “See what Linux can actually bring and how it all coincides with windows”
  • “When we did the end of week lab to test our knowledge I did better then what I thought I would do.”
  • “labs”
  • “Troubleshooting issues. The satisfaction gained from finally fixing an issue, especially those made by missing or moved minute details.”
  • “Putty”
  • “The labs were engaging because of the troubleshooting for linux. The labs really helped with solidifying the core foundation.”
  • “Being able to walk through troubleshooting really helps to increase your knowledge of the subject matter.”

Jeff Westerhaus – Networking Fundamentals 2 – Evenings

  • “Your enthusiasm and sense of humor keep everything fun..”
  • “Did an awesome Job.”
  • “it was a solid learning experience,”
  • “I felt like Jeff knew the material forwards and backwards.”
  • “Did a great job, gave me more details than what was in the book felt like a fuller understanding on the concepts taught”
  • “Whenever i asked Jeff for help or suggestions or advise, he helped me thru it! Even after class was over, he stayed 30 minutes later and answered my questions. Thats a instructor that cares.”
  • “having a teacher who understood the information and delivered it to us in a way we could understand”
  • “I enjoyed the labs, I also enjoyed that the instructor knew the material really well and answered questions”
  • “Working with my classmates is always a joy.”
  • “It was all fine”
  • “labs, the instructors are great.”
  • “Sort of putting all the things from HDF and Net1 together and it making sense.”
  • “Learning about the security side of Networking.”
  • “Thanks for showing me the way and helping me out with my questions. Now just time to study! Thanks Man”
  • “I feel like I am where most students would be”
  • “Great teaching.”
  • “Taught well!”
  • “great”

Jim MacAuley – Linux Administration – Evenings

  • “The instructor made sure each of us understood the material and explained in detail the portions we were having problems with.”
  • “Very knowledgeable but also human.”
  • “Enjoyed this class.”
  • “Jim was very passionate on helping us learn and very patient when we were confused or asking questions”
  • “Jim is a teacher who makes it comfortable to learn in any environment, virtual or classroom”
  • “The labs where we were to see how the concepts worked in a real life environment.”
  • “Troubleshooting when problems came up was fun.”
  • “Seeing how everything work and end result”
  • “Learning concepts in clearly defined patterns”
  • “Jeff (wink wink) did a great job! Really enjoyed this class.”
  • “Jim did really well teaching us and explaining everything”
  • “I am continuing to have confidence in learning the material that is being taught to me due to the instructor has worked in the field of study.”
  • “I feel confident moving on in my course”
  • “The platforms worked very well and no support was needed.”
  • “My laptop works great! Thanks guys”
  • “Our technology in our linux class worked perfectly”
  • “The labs made what we did in lecture understandable and the concepts were easier to grasp.”
  • “I enjoyed and learned more than I already knew.”
  • “Going through the installs and setup of Linux was very good way to learn it.”
  • “I enjoyed the curriculum and enjoyed what I have learned”
  • “The curriculum allowed us to work in real-world Linux environment troubleshooting”

Chris Nuckolls – PMD – Days

  • “Chris is a fantastic, thoughtful instructor. He always takes the time to help us with anything we may be stuck on, and he is always patient, even if faced with frustrating roadblocks. All around wonderful!”
  • “Chris is the greatest ever”
  • “Chris brought his dog, and that was the highlight of my week. Curriculum wise, pair programming was a really interesting spin on what we’re used to! I enjoyed how we grow and learn from each other as teammates.”
  • “Everything was great!”
  • “All good!”
  • “Great class! Lots of fun”
  • “Trello is a very useful tool”
  • “Such a great week!”
  • “Paired programming was very effective. Puppies are always nice”
  • “Being in person for pair programming was AMAZING”

Jeff DeMaranville – DATA – Days

  • “Jeff is a great teacher. Really knows what he’s talking about and is good at translating it to students”
  • “Jeff is very easy to talk to and is very knowledgeable about SQL”
  • “constructing the database”
  • “so far I understand data the best but I still like C#”
  • “I thought there was a perfect balance of lab time and learning time.”
  • “Learning about databases and queries”
  • “Nothing, I thought this week was very smooth and I enjoyed everything very much.”
  • “The labs were challenging and enjoyable. They helped solidify topics for me.”

Jeff Westerhaus – CompTIA Networking Fundamentals 2 – Days

  • “Labs really helped make sense of some of the topics covered.”
  • “hands on virtual learning was nice”
  • “Jeff was funny and I really like his input”

Matt Neilsen – Linux Administration – Days

  • “Really appreciate the help this week leading up to my MTA exam!”
  • “Matt is a great instructor. He genuinely knows what he is talking about.”
  • “Picking Matts’ brain because he’ s so knowledgeable about the subject matter”
  • “Really enjoyed Linux, I thought it was going to be a slog uphill, but it really makes me want to learn more about configuration and coding with Linux.”

Matt Schwarzenberger – CompTIA Security+ Preparation Bootcamp – Days

  • “Kept us all on track and engaged into material that could have been pretty dry really made the class informative and fun.”
  • “Good teacher. Really could tell the experience in teaching.”
  • “Did a great job to be engaging in a subject that can be considered dry.”
  • “Thank you so much for everything Matt!”
  • “Doing the LOD labs they were fun and I got to see a bit of what we were learning.”
  • “The forensics side really caught my eye. One of the sides of IT that have caught my interest. Very nice to have at the very least a destination on where I want to go.”

Adam Jurotich – CompTIA Networking Fundamentals 2 – Days

  • “awesome class made learning the material as fun and engaging as an instructor could”
  • “I asked for more help than the other class mates due to I needed it & Adam helped tremendously.”
  • “Adam always knows how to make everything have a positive outlook, which makes learning certain things more enjoyable.”
  • “Everything was covered in depth, and was accompanied with plenty of anecdotes and real-world examples to better understand the topics being discussed. Had no problem asking questions and getting comprehensive answers that helped me better understand the material.”
  • “learning on how this technology works and how its used in the field”
  • “The challenge of learning something new.”
  • “Learning how all the different aspects of net+ relate and work with one another.”
  • “The instructor, duh. When it comes to dry material, and the overwhelming amount of it, presentation is key, and I feel we couldn’t have asked for a better presenter. It made the introduction to Net+ much more palatable and accessible.”

Chris Dunbar – Microsoft Windows System Administration 2 – Days

  • “Once again, I can’t say enough good things about Chris. He was awesome this week with healthy pacing and explaining exactly what everything does and why we do them.”
  • “Very easy to follow and get things understood the right way. %100”
  • “It is really helpful that the instructor makes sure that we are all understanding of the topics and that we’re all on the same page. It also helps that he encourages questions.”
  • “Keep it up man your an amazing instructor you make it easy to understand the material”
  • “This week was very easy because of your teaching style. Once again you did a great job pacing the material and telling us why we are learning the material. Couldn’t have asked for a better experience this week, thank you so much.”
  • “Very Helpful”
  • “I would say that of all the content we’ve covered in this program, this course has been the most comfortable for me. I would say its in large part due to Chris’ ability to communicate the information well. I’m never afraid to ask him for help or have him elaborate on anything that I may not fully understand. I’m truly happy we get him again next week to finish out this course. 100% lol”
  • “Did a great job with walk throughs, made sure everything clicked in our heads. I appreciate that.”
  • “Teaching style fit my learning style. Enjoyed the content.”
  • “As usual, my instructor and teammates who all did a phenomenal job helping each other and myself out when needed.”
  • “The fact that we are just messing around with WSA. It feels like were actually getting “on the job training” and to me at least, just makes sense.”
  • “Hands on learning is how i learn best and this is right up my alley.”
  • “I love the labs, especially the end of week lab. Permissions would have been a fun add to it”
  • “The hands on work and the feeling of doing some thing that would be real world work and not just theory and subject matter but also the instructor was one of my favorite aspects”
  • “All the hands on we do is good. Repetition is the way I learn best. With so much info coming in it helps me a lot.”
  • “My favorite aspect has been the labs and actually performing the curriculum we have been learning!”
  • “Continued understand of course work.”
  • “The labs and the instructor.”
  • “Labs and discussion of real world application.”

Frank Pflumm – Systems & Security Career Foundation – Days

  • “Very Open to feedback and helpful answering questions. Made it a place where it felt comfortable to just ask away. Was able to keep the moral up and make people smile even in some of the less fun topics to learn.”
  • “I was comfortable and felt like the instructor knew exactly what he was talking about and how to convey it properly”
  • “I think my instructor did an excellent job not only covering the class material but also giving us important information that would be useful later along with supporting examples of the reasons why. I especially liked how he ensured that we all understood before moving on to the next topics.”
  • “Likes how he always repeat important content and pauses on important matters so we can write it down”
  • “Instructor was very knowledgeable and his personal experiences made class even more inclusive.”
  • “I’ve honestly never had a teacher that was so knowledgeable. Everything was explained in varying ways, helping to include those who may not have understood it the first time. Some of the best review times I’ve had in a classroom environment.”
  • “I have had a great experience with Mr. Pflumm in my first week. Although I was not the most talkative in class, I feel like any questions I had were always answered or spoken about in depth. I feel like the information and techniques shared during this introductory week have been very effective. I am glad we had the first week like this and I am glad Mr. Pflumm was the instructor for it. Having time to get familiar with being a student again has been big for me. I do not have a tech background and Mr. Pflumm made me feel comfortable and confident that I could succeed in technology.”
  • “The instructor did follow up and help everyone, including myself, to understand it. he also used multiple ways to teach the same topic to ensure that everyone understood it.”
  • “Pflumm is an amazing instructor that truly cares about his students learning and succeeding. I think his straight forward learning style is very important as it is reflective of the real-world.”
  • “How much help he was in really making us understand the importance of soft skills and how honest he was about pushing forward what to expect and the level of work we needed to do.”
  • “The hands on aspect”
  • “I enjoyed the team building and the way you related the facts and stories from personal experience. You also made new IT information enjoyable.”
  • “The soft skills learned in this period and the aspects showing how practical they are greatly outlined the need for them, as well as seeing people in the field passing on more experience was greatly appreciated and provided a lot of perspective.”
  • “The ability to be open and share freely both thoughts, ideas, and questions concerning particular topics. The openness of the class increased the comfortability to fit in compared to other students who had more previous knowledge.”
  • “Learning different aspects of studying”
  • “I loved learning about crucial conversations and how big of an impact they have on everyday life.”
  • “The team exercises and some of the solo work really helped me work the rust off of my skills.”
  • “It was all a new learning experience for me, so I enjoyed it all.”
  • “Tie between Mr. Pflumm and realizing my progress.”
  • “It was a great environment and the instructor used his humbleness to help myself and classmate to feel more comfortable. I also loved learning the breakdown of ip addresses and binary.”
  • “To learn things I don’t know.”
  • “This class helped me focus more on my professional personality and how important personality and soft skills actually are for being successful in IT.”

    German Portillo – MVC2 – Evenings

    • “Made it fun and engaging!”
    • “If I could put 10’s I would, German was great. I enjoyed the class a ton because of his great attitude and friendly demeanor .”
    • “I love your teaching style and you made class a blast. Thanks again”
    • “Personal Projects”
    • “The instructor was extremely enjoyable, I enjoyed coming to class and learning. Was a highlight to my nights.”
    • “My favorite part of this course was probably entity framework and scaffolding.”
    • “Great Instructor, would love to have him again!”
    • “thanks for always giving great tips and info in the emails.”
    • “I’m still continuing to learn a bunch and strive to continue to do better.”
    • “I like being able to use the computer to stay in class and be able to enjoy my experience.”
    • “Finally getting to the good stuff!”
    • “I have learned a lot and enjoy it.”
    • “Learned a lot, really great environment I love the virtual classes.”

    Chris Nuckolls – MVC1 – Days

    • “Very prepared.”
    • “The IntroToMVC class site was well layed-out”
    • “Template Conversion”
    • “Learning about all of the bits and pieces of ASP.Net MVC and the different functionality within each piece. MVC was intimidating at first but I now see how much easier it makes the web development process.”
    • “Template conversions to MVC was pretty quick”
    • “Fast pace, but I think that’s important especially in a 4 month program, or else the students are overwhelmed in the long run.”

    Jeff DeMaranville – DVPRO1 – Days

    • “Jeff is always encouraging, upbeat, and beyond helpful. He’s never shy to go above and beyond to help a student out, and he does an all-around wonderful job at maintaining a happy learning environment as well as a productive one. Thank you, Jeff, for all of your help and time!”
    • “Getting to put all of my effort into final project but also not being left out all alone for it. I can ask help when I need it, and no body thinks any less of anybody who does so.”

    Matt Schwarzenberger – CompTIA Security+ – Evenings

    • “Matt was prepared for every subject and tried to put as much information as he could for us Night class”
    • “Learning using CompTIA directed material”

    Jeff Overhaug – IT Project 1 – Days

    • “Kept the class fun and interesting and kept us on track.”
    • “These projects where a fun time.”
    • “The instructor is extremely good at figuring out issues and knowing how to help out.”
    • “Helped troubleshoot and walk through the proper steps to fix any issues we had. Explained each step of the trouble shoot and the reason to it.”
    • “Jeff did a great job of keeping everyone working in the right direction and following the lab guide that we had setup.”
    • “Building and talking with other student about how to create a whole network”
    • “Getting to get on physical equipment.”
    • “learning linux again”
    • “The physical aspect of really getting to build and work off a server rack. I wish this whole tract could of been physical instead of virtual.”

    Jajuan Elias – Help Desk Fundamentals 1 – Days

    • “very well versed and good at relating to the students and engaging everyone equally.”
    • “The content went by quickly sometimes, but, the stories, examples, and videos really helped to put things in perspective. Things I was unsure of were made very clear, and I feel great about the knowledge I received.”
    • “class was great, I felt comfortable and confident”
    • “Jajuan was always willing and happy to go over information that may have been confusing to me or something I just didn’t quite hear the first time through. He is always happy, friendly, and inclusive to all.”
    • “Great attitude made for a good learning environment”
    • “Jajuan was very approachable and knew the information he was teaching very well.”
    • “The Labs”
    • “Learning different types of Viruses”
    • “learning more about different commands within CMD”
    • “The different labs”
    • “Learning about RAIDs”
    • “I liked the hands on experience and the labs”
    • “Labs. The hands on stuff has alway been something that has let me learn faster.”
    • “My favorite part was Jajuan physically breaking real computers and having us come back in the room and troubleshooting and fixing the computers.”
    • “learning the inner workings of the computer and how they work”
    • “Hands on learning”
    • “Being able to be hands on with the Virtual Machines is by far my favorite aspect.”

    Steven Russell – CompTIA Security+ – Days

    • “Taught in a very relatable way for military and civilians alike. Made the concepts digestible.”
    • “You’re a great instructor and you make the class fun! I think students in St. Louis would love to have you as an instructor!”
    • “I really enjoyed the course, I was expecting it to be very dull and dry like Network +, but you made it even more enjoyable than the first week here. Thanks for everything Steve!”
    • “Steven was absolutely amazing! He is continuing the trend of amazing instructors that this training program has supplied. He has been informative, insightful, and all together awesome.”
    • “Steve is a true professional. Not only in the material in Comptia, but the way the examples really hit home. Whether it is military or non military jargon. the whole week was very well done!”
    • “Steve is an amazing instructor. Incredibly knowledgeable. Dynamic in his teaching style. His energy and enthusiasm for the subject matter made this course enjoyable.”
    • “Everything honestly, was really looking forward to this course and I was not disappointed at all”
    • “Learning about hacking”
    • “The Instructors enthusiasm for teaching the SEC+ course material.”

    Jenna Beckett – MVC2 – Days

    • “Thank you for all that you do!”
    • “Made sure there was time for everyone to ask questions and also made sure each student was able to understand the content”
    • “I really enjoyed learning under Jenna. She presented information very well, made sure that everyone was understanding the content, and adjusted her teaching style to better our learning environment.”
    • “I think Jenna is always so patient and easy to work with, Thank you.”
    • “This is my re visit to this part in the course, and Jenna did a great job touching base in every moving part in the ASP.NET MVC structure and EF”
    • “I can’t think of anything, the question consideration, pace, and features inspected of the course content were awesome.”

    Jeff DeMaranville – DVPRO2 – Days

    • “Jeff is awesome!”
    • “Jeff’s advice and helpfulness”
    • “Thank you each and every one of you who put so much hard work and care and effort into this course and ensuring that we succeed! I’ve grown to love each of you, and I am beyond grateful for everything that you do, the time that you spend ensuring that we are learning and making progress on our own instead of spoon-feeding us answers, but also not leaving us out to dry. All of you have made such an impact in my life, and I cannot express how grateful I am! I know we’ll be seeing each other around! πŸ™‚ – Sarah”
    • “All good!”

    Jim MacAuley – PowerShell – Evenings

    • “Very approachable and helpful”
    • “Jim was very approachable and easy to ask questions to. I felt like I gained a good understanding of some of the PowerShell Fundementals”
    • “My instructor was certainly helpful and really enjoyable to learn from.”
    • “Class was a lot of fun loved it from start to finish, really made me feel like I made the right career choice.”
    • “typing out the scripts”
    • “powershelling”
    • “black jack game”
    • “learning how to put the smaller bits of code together to automate the VM making process”
    • “Working with my classmates is always a joy.”
    • “the games, made it more fun to learn”
    • “I liked how approachable asking questions was in this class. Coding can be frustrating and everyone helping each other out was a good teamworking experience.”
    • “Powershell itself is very interesting and a program I would love to learn about.”
    • “I enjoyed seeing the full extent of what PowerShell can do and look forward to seeing more what I can do with it as I progress.”
    • “The game scripts that we made.”
    • “The script of course it is so much fun learning its break down and getting everything running”

    Jeff Overhaug – Project 2 – Day

    • “You were really helpful with the configuration of our final project as well as the rest of our time with you.”
    • “The instructor is incredibly knowledgeable, and is also very welcoming.”
    • “Being able to combine everything we know into a small 5 minute speech, really shows how far we have grown.”
    • “seeing the final project all come together”
    • “overall how much i learned in the course of 4 months”
    • “Learning about how intense the security aspect is.”

    Jajuan Elias – Help Desk Fundamentals 2 – Days

    • “Thanks for explaining everything thoroughly.”
    • “Jajuan knew all the information he was passing on to us and it was a very comfortable environment.”
    • “I felt our instructor did an excellent job running the course.”
    • “Jajuan is a great instructor who is always helpful and includes everyone in labs and lectures.”
    • “Fantastic job with the content, easily understood, very well taught.”
    • “Responded very fast when I needed help with RAIDS”
    • “Any and all questions I had throughout this week were quickly and efficiently answered in a way I would understand it. I felt prepared going into the final test and did much better than I thought I would.”
    • “I felt very comfortable and was able to comprehend the information presented to me. Jajuan has been great.”
    • “The structure and time given was very well put together.”
    • “The group work”
    • “the hands-on labs were the best part”
    • “The break/fix lab was by far the most fun i’ve had working IT in a while.”
    • “subnetting, setting up VMs, troubleshooting.”
    • “Quizlet games and instructor/classmates”
    • “Hands on was the best part. I have to get into what we learn physically to understand it fully”
    • “Hands on.”
    • “labs”
    • “The hands on learning.”
    • “The are instructor involved everyone and that no one was singled out.”
    • “Hands-On Troubleshooting labs”
    • “I enjoyed Elias’ way of Breaking down the curriculum for people who do not understand the concepts.”

    Matt Neilsen – Project 1 – Days

    • “This was a great learning experience”
    • “Matt was very helpful on explaining the practicality of this lab in a real world situation. He is incredibly knowledgeable about the information that was needed”

    Jim MacAuley – PowerShell for System Administration – Days

    • “Amazing Job! Knowledgeable, and very helpful!”
    • “excellent instruction”
    • “very helpful and nice”
    • “An amazing instructor!”
    • “Really made the environment comfortable and easy for me to feel welcomed in. Really enjoyed the teaching technique”
    • “Jim was absolutely awesome! He presented the material in a very easy to digest manner, and was very quick and effective at answering any and all questions. I felt comfortable asking about anything; I had no problem at all getting feedback and clarification on any of the material we went over.”
    • “great material and good and easy to get on teaching style”
    • “You were very engaging and it made learning easier for me. I like the engagement and how you wanted to help everyone out and let them share their screens when we did a script wrong.”
    • “I had a really awesome time learning from this course.”
    • “Hands on experience learning.”
    • “hands on scripting”
    • “getting hands on”
    • “the examples were good”
    • “how hands on it was”
    • “The challenge of learning something new & the awesome atmosphere Jim created.”
    • “Going more in depth about scripting and cmdlets”
    • “The instructor was great! Definitely helped make even some of the more mundane material fun and easy to follow along with.”
    • “was able to follow step by step”
    • “The projects. Also i liked how engaging the class was and not just straight lecture”
    • “The fun we got to have creating different scripts. We got to make different scripts and we kinda got to try mess around with and get creative”
    • “learning the basics of coding and controlling a computer just by lines of code”
    • “With past coding experience it made it easier to get comfortable with this language.”
    • “I felt this was a great introduction to Powershell and definitely helped me build a foundational understanding of what Powershell is and what is possible.”
    • “very hands on”
    • “Considering I have never heard of PowerShell it is very interesting. Surely I have to do a lot studying to understand.”
    • “I thought the curriculum was very logical and easy to follow along with. I felt it started at an appropriate level, and was very well laid out in terms increasing complexity and introducing new concepts.”
    • “I feel like i have a decent baase knowledge of power shell”

    Adam Jurotich – System & Security Career Foundation – Days

    • “The instructor was very prepared for the class. He answered every question we had and made sure to explain everything out to make sure we understood it. He also helped in making sure we understand ourselves so that we can succeed.”
    • “Really well laid out rules and always willing to help”
    • “I actually felt the class is more engaging with Adam. He definitely made it the class very interesting and I truly appreciate the effort he has put forth on getting us to engage and work as a team. I like that he calls us teammates and not classmates too. I’m glad to have a professor like him and i appreciate all the knowledge that he has bestowed upon me.”
    • “Adam Is AMAZING. It’s almost like having a teacher and a life coach wrapped into one.”
    • “Adam has been challenging me in ways I have never been challenged before. Never having done any real kind of public speaking, has made practicing elevator pitches an difficult experience, but it’s slowly coming along, and I’m beginning to get more confident. I did not anticipate having to do these kind of exercises while I’m here. I think this might become more fun then I anticipated”
    • “Being in a smaller class and getting that more personal teacher/student feeling.”
    • “I like how easy it is to get support on something if you don’t quite get it at first.”
    • “Coming to class with positive music and positive vibes to start the morning off excellent!”
    • “The Boss…”
    • “Everyone has done a great job in assisting me so far and letting me know about what to expect and what I can do.”
    • “Adam definitely deserves all the praise he is getting. A lot of instructors tend to not care, but Adam has definitely gone beyond the point of making sure you are well prepared for not only the I.T. field, but also prepared for life out there as well.”
    • “The instructor made sure to help us in ways to study the material that best suites our own person.”
    • “I like how there is a balance of learning. Adam knows how important it is to study, but he also tells us how important it is to take a break. He gave us ideas and advice on how to balance the 2 so while we are still learning and studying, we also take breaks in between so we dont overwork ourselves.”
    • “I feel like I’m doing great so far.”
    • “The virtual environment was easy to use.”
    • “The virtual side is just as much engaging as being in class physically. As determined as I am, I take this class seriously and I know Adam is capable of matching that energy to make sure everyone stays on the same page.”
    • “Everything that was taught was taught to a beginning level. The instructor never assumed we knew anything more than what he was teaching.”
    • “i like the morning routine helps with team building and helps me with remembering things like ports and IPV4.”
    • “So far, everything was structured well and organized greatly. It is what makes the class interesting and more exciting..”
    • “Lots of info and only the first week. but great so far.”
    • “The instructor made sure to let us know that we are in a safe environment and that there would be no judgment from anyone.”
    • “I enjoy the positive vibes he gives to everyone by playing positive music first thing in the morning. I also like the motivation he gives me and my teammates when they start doubting themselves.”
    • “Nice Facility. Clean. Covid safe.”

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