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November 19 02:24 PM

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Centriq Training Offers Youth Technology Summer Camp Like No-Other

Centriq Training Offers Youth Technology Summer Camp Like No-Other

July 11, 2016 in Centriq News / by Centriq Training

Programming instructors will teach kids to build a website in just one week.

Leawood, KS. (July 11, 2016) – Geek Week at Centriq Training isn’t your typical summer camp! There won’t be the usual activities like swimming, hiking, camp fires and ghost stories. Instead, this youth technology summer camp will focus on Website Coding, Mobile Apps and Gaming Adventures. That’s why there is a waiting list for both the Middle School camp and the High School camp.

The high level of interest in Centriq’s inaugural Geek Week summer camps stems from the familiarity that Generation Z (the kids currently in Middle School and High School) has with technology. For this generation, the desire to write code, create websites and games, and develop mobile apps, is as natural as the desire to learn to read. This desire is what motivated Centriq to create Geek Week.

“We wanted to deliver camps for kids who love technology or video games and that had a desire to do something different this summer,” said Megan Starek, a programming trainer at Centriq. “These camps will teach kids the basics of coding and web development in a fun environment.” In place of traditional camp activities, there will be:

  • STEM Building Activities
    • Pinblocks
    • Knex
    • KVEA planks
    • A circuit maker
    • A Robotic Smart Machine
  • Python Coding Lessons
  • HTML5/CSS3/C#/JavaScript Lessons
  • STEM Problem Solving – solo and group activities
  • Mobile App Development
  • Guest Speakers will tell the kids about their jobs in IT
    • German Portillo, Developer at Fan Three Sixty
    • Matt Watson, Founder of Stackify

This is the first year for the summer camps and the response from both kids and parents has been tremendous. “We were surprised at how many parents see the value in their children learning to use code at a young age,” said Ted Parker, a Partner at Centriq Training, “The earlier kids learn these skills, the greater the advantage they will have in starting their careers.”

The Middle School Geek Week is scheduled July 11 – 25, 2016 and the High School Geek Week will be held July 18 – 22, 2016. Both camps are currently full, but wait list spots are still available. More information about Centriq’s Geek Weeks is online at Centriq.com/GeekWeek. Photos will be posted throughout the camps on social media, with the largest collection available for viewing on Facebook.