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November 19 02:11 PM

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Windows 10 Anniversary Makeover

Windows 10 Anniversary Makeover

June 13, 2016 in Corporate IT Training, Microsoft / by Centriq Training

Oh how time flies! It’s been one year since Windows 10 was released and this Summer Microsoft is rolling out the Windows 10 Anniversary Edition.

The following is a synopsis of an article published in Redmond magazine in May 2016; read full article via the link below.


The first major update of Windows 10 will provide numerous new features. This major update will be rolled out as the Windows 10 Anniversary Edition, code-named “Redstone”. The version number is yet to be released, but if history is any indicator, it will most likely be Windows 10.1.

Microsoft’s Build 14295, released in late March, provides the foundation for the Windows 10 Anniversary Addition. Just last month, Microsoft released Build 14316 to Windows Insiders which provided a glimpse of the new features Windows 10 Anniversary Edition promises and Microsoft indicates they will roll out a number of new builds leading up to this summer’s release.


Changes to look forward to in the Windows 10 Anniversary Edition:

  • The New Start Menu
    • Most apps will be placed on a sub-menu named All Apps to avoid clutter on the Start menu
    • App list will be displayed by default instead of needing to click All Apps to access full list of applications
The sticky notes, sketch screen and sketch pad in Windows 10 Anniversary Edition.

Figure 1. The sticky notes, sketch screen and sketch pad in Windows 10 Anniversary Edition.

  • Windows Ink
    • Possibility for developers to add inking capabilities to their applications using as few as two lines of code
    • Makes using a pen and paper with your device as seamless and as easy as pen and paper
    • Sketch pad app will basically turn your device into a digital whiteboard
    • Sketch screen app will let you take a screen capture and then mark it up
  • Windows Hello
    • Possibility for users to authenticate into Web sites using biometric authentication or a device PIN, rather than a password
  • Cortana
    • Can keep track of your whereabouts over the long term
    • Revamped reminders which are e-mail enabled and are designed to help users keep the promises that they’ve made
    • General added intelligence
  • Linux
    • Those who wish to use the Bash shell will be able to download it from the Windows Store
  • Containers
    • Hyper-V Containers will enable developers to create containerized applications on their desktops and then push those applications either to a server running the organization’s own datacenter or to the cloud
  • Chasable Live Tiles
    • The live tiles will give users the option of going directly to a particular piece of information. For example, a user might tap on a tile and go straight to a specific e-mail message, rather than merely opening the Inbox

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