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What Technology Courses Should Your Employees Take?

What Technology Courses Should Your Employees Take?

May 8, 2017 in Corporate IT Training / by Sara Lamb

Knowledgeable employees are the foundation of any successful company.

When it comes to the technology, it is important for employees to get the continuous and up-to-date training they need to excel at their jobs and stay ahead of new technological advances.

Some technology courses are great for anyone, whereas others are better for employees in a specific discipline. We know that choosing the right courses is important, and Centriq’s broad selection offers anyone the chance to get a thorough education.

Classes Every Employee Should Take

Your employees are always looking to find ways to be more efficient in their jobs and gain new skills. While every workplace has its own unique requirements, some technology courses can benefit any employee. Since certain aspects of tech are so prominent, courses on them can help workers in all fields and skill levels.

Courses in Microsoft Office

One such example is a course based on Microsoft Office applications. Every professional organization from small startups to large corporations utilizes these common programs. Giving employees a chance to learn more about these programs can be very beneficial for businesses, increasing work efficiency with programs employees use every day.

Microsoft Word is one of the most common programs in the Office suite. With the right classes, your employees can learn simple tips and tricks to boost their proficiency with this program. Sometimes understanding simple things like how to use formatting and style options can help a person produce better results in a shorter timeframe with this program. The same applies for every program in the Microsoft Office suite. Explore Microsoft Office course offerings

IT Security Classes

With all of the technology threats facing businesses these days, it’s no surprise employers are focusing more heavily on data security. Every employee with unsecured sensitive information can compromise the security of your business’ data and finances. That’s why a basic understanding of IT security is valuable for any employee that uses technology, even those not in the technology industry. A course like CompTIA Security+ is good for IT and non-IT professionals interested in understanding how a company’s network is secured against cyber attacks. More in-depth training for IT Professionals is available as well; view a complete list of Security Classes here. 

Technology Courses for Business Skills

Centriq Training offers many courses designed for technology-related business processes, as well as other areas that have grown to involve technology more and more. Technology-related business skills include Agile, Scrum, software testing and DevOps. While aspects of business that have rapidly adopted technology include business analysis, digital marketing and project management. Specific topics and certifications offered include:

Classes for IT Networking Pros

IT training is often about staying informed on changes in the field. Information technology is an industry that evolves quickly, so IT professionals can benefit greatly from getting certified and recertified with appropriate technology courses.

With the right IT classes, professionals can keep their skills sharp and stay informed about the latest developments in their field. Using tools like the 2017 IT Certification Roadmap and the IT Recertification Cycle, it is easy to stay up-to-date.

Network Maintenance

Every company uses its own network. Whether you rely on Cisco, Linux, Red Hat, VMware, or other solutions, keeping employees informed and knowledgeable about how networks operate and how to maintain them can help any company minimize downtime and increase productivity.

Classes for web developers

Web Development is a fast-paced tech field. IT classes that deal with writing code can vary greatly depending on the type of language the course is based on and the level of detail discussed. Coding classes help employees learn about the latest technologies so they can produce better results for their company.

Classes for Developers can also be focused on the development of apps, mobile technology, and web development. Each of these areas is very important in the modern technological landscape, so staying informed on them can help any employee improve their skill set.

To find out more about technology courses for your employees, contact Centriq today!