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October 24 04:30 AM

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What is the CompTIA Security+ Certification?

What is the CompTIA Security+ Certification?

September 17, 2020 in Corporate IT Training, CompTIA, Security / by Alison Chludzinski

If you work in IT security, you know that the CompTIA Security+ exam shows employers you have the understanding to perform core security functions in an IT security career. Much like how technology is always evolving, the Security+ exam is revised every three years to keep up with current security trends. Don’t let time run out—if you are ready to take the CompTIA Security+ under the SY0-501 objectives, you have a limited amount of time to complete your certification before the SY0-601 exam launches. Though the new exam objectives release in November 2020, you only have until July 2021 to complete your certification under SY0-501.

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What is the Security+ Certification?

CompTIA Security+ is a security certification for IT professionals that establishes core knowledge for those working in cybersecurity roles. A Security+ certification shows that you not only know how to identify security incidents but that you also have the knowledge to address them. It focuses on the latest trends in risk management, risk mitigation, threat management, and intrusion detection. Security+ is compliant with ISO 17024 standards and approved by the US Department of Defense to meet directive 8140/8570.01-M requirements.

Prerequisites for Security+

Though CompTIA lists no required prerequisites to pass the Security+ exam, it is assumed that all testers have a fundamental understanding of computer and networking concepts. It is recommended that you already have up to a CompTIA Network+ certification, and two years of experience in IT administration with a security focus.

Security+ Exam details


How many questions are on the security+ exam?

The CompTIA Security+ exam is a maximum of 90 questions that are multiple-choice and performance-based.

How Long Is the Security+ Exam?

The CompTIA Security+ exam is a 90-minute long test.

What is the Security+ Passing Score?

You must get a passing score of 750 (on a scale of 100-900) on the CompTIA Security+ exam to become certified.

What Are the Security+ Exam Domains?

Under the current SY0-501 exam, the CompTIA Security+ Exam covers six domains and topics:

  1. Threats, Attacks, and Vulnerabilities (21%)
  2. Technologies and Tools (22%)
  3. Architecture and Design (15%)
  4. Identity and Access Management (16%)
  5. Risk Management (14%)
  6. Cryptography and PKI (12%)

These domains are not the same as the upcoming SY0-601 exam. If you have been training for your Security+ certification under the SY0-501 domains, you will want to either test for your certification now or wait until the SY0-601 is released and train under the new objectives.

Does my Security+ Certification expire?

Much like the Security+ exam objectives, your Security+ certification expires three years from the date you pass your certification exam. You can renew your certification through CompTIA’s Continuing Education (CE) program, or taking a recertification exam by retesting for Security+ or passing a higher CompTIA certification.

CompTIA Security+ Certification Training

Learn more about our CompTIA Security+ Certification Bootcamp here.

CompTIA exam objectives change every three years to adapt to the constant change of technology. If you are preparing to renew your certification, make sure you are familiar with the current exam objectives to set yourself up for success.

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