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February 28 10:18 AM

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Top Five Reasons to Skip College

Top Five Reasons to Skip College

May 25, 2016 in College Alternatives, IT Career Program / by Ted Parker

Have no interest in history or biology? Have no desire to sit in a 200 person lecture hall for 2-4 years? Looking for reasons to skip going to college? Then consider a career in Coding or Information Technology (IT).

IT is an exciting field with great career opportunities – and it doesn’t require a 4-year degree. But it does require specific IT job skills. Centriq Training can give you those jobs skills and they can do it in just four months. How? Centriq’s IT Career Training Programis a cutting edge, accelerated program that provides entry-level job skills to individuals with no IT experience. It involves hands-on training in small classes (10-14 students) that focus exclusively on coding or IT. It’s the best way to learn to code. You only take classes you need to get a great job in technology – not irrelevant general education classes.

“Many of our students are gamers or just enjoy working with computers. They are only interested in learning the technology job skills needed to start a great career doing what they enjoy,” said Russ Mondry, Centriq Education Consultant. “We know the technology skills in demand at Kansas City companies. That’s what we teach. At the end of our program, you are ready to join the IT workforce.”

As Microsoft’s Gold Training Partner in Kansas City, Centriq has trained IT teams at almost every major employer in the area. “Companies trust our training to keep their IT departments up to speed. So they trust our TechSmart students too,” said Centriq President Kevin Grawe. “That’s why over 850 different Kansas City companies have hired our grads.”

Is a technology job skills training program like Centriq’s IT Career Training Program right for you? Here are 5 signs that a hands on training school like Centriq might be a better fit than college:

  1. You’re not ready to invest in a 4+ year college degree.
  2. You love hands-on work – especially with computers.
  3. You want to make money and move up the ladder fast.
  4. You want to get a jump on the “school-to-work” transition.
  5. You want a career that keeps you in demand in tomorrow’s job market.

If the “old school” general education pathway isn’t for you, Centriq’s IT Career Training Program is a college alternative to consider. Before making your decision, visit Centriq’s facility and experience our “new school” learning environment. Learn more about IT career training vs college degrees here.

For more information, call Russ Mondry at 913-322-7044, email him at rmondry@centriq.com or go online at centriq.com/career.