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February 24 03:53 PM

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If class start times are impacted by inclement weather, plans will be shared on the relevant Weather Hotline listed above. Decisions are made by 6:00 AM for day classes and 3:30 PM for evening classes.

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2018 Microsoft Product Roadmap Summary

2018 Microsoft Product Roadmap Summary

March 8, 2018 in Corporate IT Training, Microsoft Office, Microsoft / by Centriq Training

(Original content provided by Gladys Rama/ Redmond Channel Partner)

“It’s promising to be a busy year for Microsoft watchers, with major version releases on tap for some of the company’s most venerable product lines. Here are the biggest milestones to watch out for.”

Every year Redmond Channel Partner puts out the Microsoft Product Roadmap, which provides a comprehensive guide to upcoming Microsoft product updates and new product releases. Centriq’s summarized this information for you, providing an overview of version updates, next-gen releases and brand new releases, as well as anticipated release dates.Read More

Why should I upgrade to Windows 10?

October 23, 2015 in Corporate IT Training, Microsoft / by Centriq Training

(Written by Bob Reinch/Centriq Training)

Here’s a hypothetical: You have two cars. One is an older, reliable vehicle, but it needs a little service, probably could use new brakes and new tires. You also have a brand new, shiny set of wheels sitting in the driveway, just begging to be taken out for a spin. You could keep throwing money into the older car while the new one just sits. The old one can get you from point a to point b just fine, but it still needs some maintenance, and in the end you know you are going to be driving the new car anyway.Read More