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IT Training: Not Just for IT Anymore

IT Training: Not Just for IT Anymore

February 28, 2017 in Corporate IT Training / by Sara Lamb

Of course IT training programs are critical for IT professionals to keep up on their skills and the latest technology. But technology is becoming more and more critical to the jobs of most professionals these days. IT training is no longer just for the IT department. IT training and certification is a valuable resource that can help not only IT professionals, but also a wide variety of employees across all of your company’s departments.

Business and technology have become so intertwined that it’s virtually impossible to separate one from the other. Anyone working in business today is using the latest technology to accomplish their tasks efficiently. That’s why so many business experts suggest implementing an ongoing technology education program for all employees.

Education as a Benefit

Continuing education programs are valuable benefits for employees and their employers. The best talent values ongoing education because they can improve their own professional value, but employers know that keeping their workforce educated keeps them working efficiently. This is particularly valuable in technology because of the rapidly changing technological landscape.

As many as 96% of employers agree that continuing education improves job performance. This is probably why so many of the top rated firms of the day provide the advantage of training and continual learning to their employees. There are continuing education opportunities in a variety of fields, and they help to keep employees relevantly skilled and informed about all the latest developments in their fields. Since technology has become such a crucial aspect of business, it’s no surprise that IT certification is a popular option that companies in all industries choose to offer.

Better Technological Literacy = Better Employees

At first glance it can seem that IT certification is superfluous for people outside of the IT department, and some more advanced certifications are. The key to making IT training work for people outside of the IT department is to keep it simple and relevant.

There are many IT training options that would equip business professionals with knowledge and skills that would be helpful with their jobs without burdening them with information and training that they will never use. IT certifications like CompTIA Fundamentals and Microsoft Technology Associate are great entry points to learning how to work with computers on a daily basis and operate popular Microsoft applications and products that are common in a business environment.

Aside from specific IT certifications, there is also basic business IT training available in areas like security, digital marketing, DevOps, customer services, search engine optimization (SEO), analytics, and many others. These skills can fit neatly beneath the IT label, but they also cross easily into other departments to become useful and make employees more valuable and versatile. It would be a shame to miss some of the great technology training available simply because it fits beneath a different label.

Educate Your Employees at Centriq

Centriq is a premier IT training resource in Kansas City, and we offer courses in a variety of subjects that have great value for businesses in every industry. We understand the importance of continuing education to priming your team of professionals for advancement opportunities and maintaining the highest quality of talent in your team. It’s also clear to us that IT training and technological education will only become more important in the coming years, and we want to help you overcome any challenges this will present.

We offer a comprehensive selection of IT training and continuing education opportunities that are flexible and suitable for a variety of needs. You can explore our site to see more about who we are and what we do, or contact us at 913.322.7062 or to get your questions answered and schedule some classes for your employees today.