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Top Five IT Jobs for Veterans

Top Five IT Jobs for Veterans

April 30, 2018 in Veterans/GI Bill, IT Career Program / by Hannah Gerstner

If you’re a veteran, you likely have personal qualities that help you stand apart from other job applicants. When you serve in the armed forces, you have to be disciplined, focused, and willing to get the job done— no matter what it takes. Over the past several years, countless tech companies have made it their mission to hire more veterans. Through the Joining Forces program, a national initiative implemented in 2011, more than 1.2 million jobs were filled by former members of the military and their spouses. Companies such as Amazon, Sprint, Boeing, Tesla, and Hewlett-Packard hired thousands of workers as a result of this program.

At Centriq, we help veterans of all branches of the military use their G.I. Bill benefits to complete the IT training they need to move into civilian technology roles. Oftentimes, veterans with no technical background come to Centriq because of its hands-on, job-specific training that’s similar to military-style training. Other times, individuals with some IT experience choose to fine-tune their skills and broaden their experience to meet industry needs.

No matter what your end-goal is, Centriq can help you figure out the best way to get there.

The following five IT jobs are great choices for veterans looking for their next professional mission:

Top Five IT Jobs for Veterans

    1. Information Security Analyst
    2. Network Administrator
    3. Program Manager
    4. Network Architects
    5. Systems Analyst


Information Security Analyst

Like most areas of IT, cybersecurity jobs are likely to grow for decades to come. Many veterans have been focused on keeping our nation secure for years, so becoming a system security analyst makes sense for those who worked in technology in their military roles. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), information security analysts can earn an average salary of $92,600 per year. Further, this job’s projected growth is 28% from now through 2026— four times the national average for other jobs.

Network Administrator

Veterans who fill this role can help companies monitor their complex computer network— and considering today’s world relies heavily on digital networks, this career in always in demand. Since new digital technologies are constantly being introduced into the military, many service members have some experience in running or troubleshooting networks. Research shows the average salary for this role sits at $79,700 per year with over 390,3000 jobs in 2016.

Information Systems Manager

Computer and information systems managers are key components of any organization’s IT infrastructure. Those who work up to this role earn an average salary of $135,000, according to the BLS. Program managers help plan and install networks, and work with professionals at all levels. Their primary goal is to make those critical decisions while ensuring the best training for employees.

Network Architects

Network architects work with local area networks (LAN), wide area networks (WAN), intranets, and other types of information networks that businesses require. In this role, architects are required to design and build networks, as well as research new technology to get organizations ahead of the curve when it comes to performance and security. The average median salary for this role is currently $101,210 per year.

Systems Analyst

Professionals in this role earn an average salary of $87,200 per year. They often work with company executives and IT teams to determine the best software and security setup for a specific organization. For instance, if you are working with an aerospace or defense company, your focus will be on helping them determine the right software and operating platforms to facilitate their business needs. This position is perfect for those who can adapt to changing environments and can think on the fly, like many veterans with ride-ranging experience.

Jobs for Veterans with Centriq Training

To create the best plan of action for your next career in IT, contact Centriq today! We work hard to help identify the best jobs for veterans that are a natural fit— and we provide hands-on training to get you there in just four months. Our education consultants can help you figure out which track is most relevant to your career goals, and help you find the perfect job after graduation.