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New IT Security Training Course at Centriq – ESCP .NET

June 30, 2015 in Corporate IT Training, Security / by Sara Lamb

Software defects, bugs, and flaws in the logic of the program are consistently the cause for software vulnerabilities. Analysis by software security professionals has proven that most vulnerabilities are due to errors in programming.

Hence, it has become a must for developers to learn secure coding practices.

Course Description: This course will be invaluable to software developers and programmers alike to code and develop highly secure applications and web applications. This is done throughout the software life cycle that involves designing, implementing, and deployment of applications.

The course teaches developers how to identify security flaws and implement security countermeasures throughout the software development lifecycle to improve the overall quality of products and applications.

This course is purposefully built with tons of labs peppered throughout the three days of training, offering participants critical hands on time to fully grasp the new techniques and strategies in secure programming.

Who Should Attend: Programmers who are responsible for designing and building secure Windows/Web based applications with .NET Framework. It is designed for developers who have .NET development skills.

Duration: 3 Days

Course Name: EC Council – Certified Secure Programmer .NET

Course Code: ECC-ECSP

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