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CES 2018 – What’s New and What to Look for

CES 2018 – What’s New and What to Look for

January 3, 2018 in Corporate IT Training / by Centriq Training

For a full 50 years now, people have been looking forward every year to the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) as it showcases the latest in innovation and technology for the consumer market. Here are a few of the emerging technologies that are creating a buzz for CES 2018:

Channel Master Stream+

For those cutting the cord from cable and satellite, there’s another option on the market – the Channel Master Stream+.

This device incorporates a DVR for over-the-air broadcasts as well as streaming Android TV. It offers 4K and HDR compatibility, built-in Chromecast and a programming guide. Storage is in the form of a microSD card.

Channel Master is in talks with Netflix and Amazon Prime Video for streaming. Unlike the traditional rack-size DVR/cable box, the Stream+ is about the size of a Styrofoam cup and is expected to retail at about $150.

Autonomous Cars – And More

Self-driving cars have been the buzz for some time now, and some new players will be hinting at the future of transport at CES.

The Rinspeed Snap is a “modular car” design that can be configured several different ways (and is self-driving, of course), with a cabin that’s loaded down with gadgets for passengers.

China’s Byton will unveil a brand-new all-electric car, a crossover-ish vehicle about which not a lot is known.

While you’re there, check out the Workhorse W-15, an all-electric full-size pickup with a carbon fiber body and a gas-engine range extender.

Robots, Robots, Robots

Honda is expected to unveil four new robotic devices from its new 3E line.

The 3E-A18 is a companion robot with an expressive “face”, and is programmed for empathy, while the 3E-B18 is a chair-like mobility device that’s being developed as the next step forward from motorized wheelchairs and power chairs.

For urban delivery and logistics tasks, the 3C-C18 is a three-wheeled robot that can haul loads and has “face” that could be used to politely let pedestrians know it needs to get through.

Finally, there’s the 3E-D18, which resembles an off-road quadcycle – its self-driving ability means it could easily negotiate tough terrain while carrying human riders.

New Battery Tech from Continental

Continental is a big supplier of batteries for the electric and hybrid car market, so it’s no surprise they’re making progress in that arena.

Their AllCharge platform is designed to let electric cars charge from practically any power source, no matter what its current type, voltage or charging rate. In turn, AllCharge-equipped electric vehicles can serve as a power bank for just about anything where a power hookup is needed.

There’s also their phone-as-starting-key system for EV’s and a totally wireless EV charging system that uses a scattered network of microchargers that EV’s can access, if only for short bursts. With this model, an EV could “recharge itself” while its driver is shopping or at work.

And of course there are phones, laptops, virtual reality gear and plenty of other stuff to see at CES. And as always, even if the technologies aren’t at market phase yet, it’s exciting to see how they point the way toward what’s to come.

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