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November 13 04:08 PM

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Centriq First to Implement Innovative Learning Platform in Tech Career Training

Centriq First to Implement Innovative Learning Platform in Tech Career Training

September 29, 2016 in Centriq News, IT Career Program / by Jessica Oliver

Centriq has become the first technology bootcamp (or code school) to implement Canvas by Instructure as its Student Learning Portal for its hands-on technology career training programs. Canvas, widely considered the most modern and sophisticated Learning Management System (LMS), is the fastest growing LMS in the higher education space due to its adaptability, customizability, and support. Centriq, the only technology bootcamp or code school to offer both an entry-level Full-Stack Web Developer bootcamp and an entry-level IT Systems and Security bootcamp, is the first and only school of its type in the United States leveraging Canvas in an immersive bootcamp classroom environment.

Centriq’s bootcamp programs provide students with the hands-on technical abilities and professional skills to gain immediate employment and begin lifelong careers in technology in just four months. “The ability to deliver and supplement our hands-on, classroom training and job placement with collaboration tools, deeper learning resources, and 24/7 accessibility is a game changer,” says Andrea Pedersen, Centriq’s Manager of Career Operations. “It demonstrates the unmatched commitment that Centriq has to the success of our students.”

Technical Learning

Centriq’s tech career programs are four months long and consist of 13 unique 5-day courses.  As a new course begins each week, students gain access to a new Canvas module containing technical objectives, lab exercises, review guides, study guides, and supplemental resources.  They can utilize Canvas to complete their coursework in the classroom and access it from home for review and homework exercises. They can also refer to their all of their previous technical coursework in Canvas.

Career Transformation Resources

The Centriq’s Career & Student Services team provides a series of professional development seminars to students throughout their programs to ensure a supportive and successful program that leads to job placement for each student. All materials for these seminars are hosted in Canvas, along with robust resources for mentoring and mock interview requests, resume revisions, LinkedIn guidance, veteran support resources, interview techniques, job postings, and job search strategies.

Collaborative Workspaces

The Canvas platform takes collaboration to the next level. Students interact with peers, instructors, and staff in one central inbox and manage their events, seminars, and courses on one central calendar. Within each course, students are involved in classmate and trainer discussions and have the ability to use web conferencing to collaborate outside of class. Students are also part of peer groups where they have the ability to interact with students in different cohorts of the same program.


Students have 24/7 access to Canvas for one full year. They utilize Canvas on their laptops during class at Centriq and can login to Canvas anywhere with internet outside of class. Many students also use the Canvas mobile app, which gives quick and efficient access to messages, discussions, and resources from anywhere.

The Centriq trainer team has embraced the functionality of Canvas. Course content, supplemental resources, and discussions are quickly customized for each unique student group, and it is easy to track and support the progress of each individual student. Instructors can also collaborate easily with one another to provide seamless support to students and to share ideas and resources. Coding bootcamp trainer Megan Horton says “I am thrilled to have Canvas in my classroom. I don’t have to link students to DropBox, Google Groups, or other external resources because all of this functionality is at my fingertips through Canvas. Attendance and customizations are a breeze. Most importantly, my students are organized and easily engaged in class content, with each other and with me. ”

To learn more about the advantages of technology or coding bootcamp training with Canvas, contact Centriq Training https://centriq.com/career/contact/.