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November 29 11:11 AM

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Stop searching for IT Training & let Centriq do it for you

Stop searching for IT Training & let Centriq do it for you

June 30, 2017 in Big Data, Corporate IT Training, Microsoft, Security, Web Development, Cisco, EC-Council, IBM / by Centriq Training

As technology evolves, professionals in the field of IT need to be educated and up-to-speed on the latest versions of existing software and the capabilities of new software as soon as they become available. Blogs, YouTube videos and usergroup discussions are all great places to gain small amounts of knowledge, but to be fully immersed and hands-on experience, instructor-led IT training is the way to go.

Sometimes IT training can be hard to find (especially if the technology is uncommon or very new), which is where Centriq comes in. Not only do we have offer IT training classes on technologies like Cisco, Microsoft, ITIL, etc, but we teach Agile Bootcamps, IBM, Apache, Hadoop and Business Skills classes as well. If you need training on a technology we don’t have on our Class Schedule, we will locate a class for you that fits your schedule and budget, saving you time and money.
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