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November 10 03:47 PM

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CompTIA A+ Training: Best Way to Train for the Certification

CompTIA A+ Training: Best Way to Train for the Certification

February 5, 2020 in CompTIA, Corporate IT Training / by Centriq Training

New class structure separates training for the two CompTIA A+ exams and adds hands-on components for less experienced IT pros.

With the introduction of the A+ 1000 series in 2019, CompTIA significantly expanded the content covered by the two exams required to obtain the A+ certification.  (What is the A+ certification?) There is a greater emphasis on Cloud computing, virtualization, Internet of Things, cybersecurity and networking than in the previous 900 series.  There is also additional content covering IT support roles, operational procedure competency, problem-solving as well as data management, IT security and Cloud technology.  The result is that the two certification exams are more challenging than ever before – especially if you are new to your technology career. That’s why Centriq has recently revised its CompTIA A+ training curriculum to give students a better understanding of the material and a greater chance of obtaining their A+ certification.

CompTIA A+ training classes

These CompTIA training courses are designed for individuals who have basic computer user skills and who are interested in obtaining a job as an entry-level IT technician. These courses are also designed for students who are seeking the CompTIA A+ certification and who want to prepare for the CompTIA A+ certification exams.


What’s new about the A+ Certification class?

Centriq Training is known for the innovative hands-on curriculum it created for its 4-month IT Career Programs. These programs are designed to help individuals with little or no IT experience gain entry-level IT jobs. Centriq has now transitioned this innovative design concept into training for corporate customers looking to obtain their A+ certification. Rather than offering the same five-day lecture-based class attempting to cover both the 22-1001 and the 220-1002 (Core 1 and Core 2) exams, Centriq has converted its CompTIA A+ training into two 4-day classes:

CompTIA A+ Core 1 – Prep for 220-1001 Objectives

CompTIA A+ Core 2 – Prep for 220-1002 Objectives

Each of these 4-day classes focuses on a single A+ certification exam.  The extra classroom time is dedicated to hands-on exercises and labs giving students more real-world experience. The result is a significantly improved learning experience that focuses on the actual role of the IT professional and less on memorizing the lecture content. This experience in turn leads to a greater pass rate regarding the CompTIA A+ certification exams.

Why make these changes?

There are three primary reasons Centriq modified the curriculum:

1) Centriq believes the hands-on component offers a greater likelihood of passing the two exams than the current lecture-based curriculum used by other training companies;

2) Centriq understands that many corporate A+ candidates are either very new to IT or (especially in the in case of many government-related positions) IT is not their primary job. These individuals struggle with the breadth of the new A+ exams because of this lack of a technical background.  The hands-on component brings greater context and enables a greater understanding of the materials covered by the exams; and, most importantly,

3) Offering a separate class for each exam enables the student to prepare separately for each one rather that preparing for both exams simultaneously within a single five-day period. The student can prepare for and pass the 220-1001 exam and then prepare for and pass the 220-1002 exam. This significantly increases the likelihood of obtaining the A+ certification.


Whether obtaining the CompTIA A+ certification is for career advancement or a job requirement, Centriq’s new bifurcated format is the surest path to gaining a greater understanding of IT and, of course, passing the two exams.

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