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2017 Centriq Technology Scholarship Winner

2017 Centriq Technology Scholarship Winner

April 27, 2017 in IT Career Program / by Kim Bridges

Jake Maschger is driven to learn more about technology

Jake is a 2017 senior at Lee’s Summit North High School.  He has also taken classes at the nationally recognized Summit Technology Academy.  His teachers, Mindy Haesemeyer and Shawn Harrel, confirm that Jake has both a love of technology and a desire to learn much more.

Centriq wanted to help Jake start a career in IT

Deciding what to do after high school – especially if it involves beginning a new career – can be challenging.  Monday, I had the privilege of helping Jake make that decision by awarding him a $5000 Technology Scholarship to Centriq.   This scholarship, which is awarded annually to one Kansas City-area high school senior, will be used to help Jake attend Centriq’s four month TechSmart KC program.  TechSmart KC is an accelerated, hands-on technology training program that takes individuals with little or no technology experience and provides them with the entry-level job skills needed to start a technology career in just four months.  Centriq then helps place these graduates with companies in its extensive Employer Network.  Over 900 different companies in the Kansas City metro have hired Centriq grads, many have hired multiple grads!

Kinesthetic Learning Makes Learning Easier

One of the things Jake liked about Summit Tech was the kinesthetic, or hands-on, learning style they utilize.  It’s not surprising that one of the reasons he chose to continue his technology training at Centriq is because Centriq uses the same style of training.  Jake told us, “I am interested in learning as much as possible through hands-on experience rather than through a traditional educational path.”

Centriq’s TechSmart KC program offers students (about 300 per year) a choice of either a Full Stack Web Developer (coding) or Systems and Security Administrator track.  Jake will be completing the System and Security Administrator track.  Tracks are limited to about 12 students who go through as a cohort.  The focus is solely on technology job skills that are in demand in the Kansas City area today.  Because of the technology-only focus, students are able to complete their training in just four months.  At the end, all students are required to present their final project to a room full of fellow students, Centriq staff, and potential employers.  Centriq helps people of all ages begin an IT career.  If you know of someone who is passionate about technology or just looking for a new career, tell them about Centriq’s TechSmart KC program. For more information, go to www.centriq.com/4months or call Centriq’s Sr. Education Advisor Russ Mondry at 913-322-7044.

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