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Our Community

We are proud of the amazing technology community that has developed in both Kansas City and the Midwest over the past 25 years and are honored to be part of it.

Centriq Training is committed to the development of the IT workforce in Kansas City. Our History is proof of it. Our People are Kansas Citians. We’re locally owned. You know exactly where to find us. Our revenue goes back into the Kansas City economy and supports other local companies. We love BBQ and jazz. We root for the Royals and scream for the Chiefs. We are Sporting fans (as much for their techy ways as for their winning soccer). We are proud of the role we play in this great city.

How we support IT in Kansas City:

  • We are the only IT training company in Kansas City that delivers “Instructor-in-the-Classroom” IT training.
  • 98% of our Kansas City students chose “Instructor-in-the-Classroom” training vs online offerings.
  • We are the only Gold Level Microsoft IT Training Partner based in Kansas City.
  • We are the only Authorized Cisco Learning Partner based in Kansas City.
  • Our TechSmart program put 285 new entry-level IT Pro’s and Developers into the KC workforce last year.
  • By contrast, KU/KSU/MU/JCCC/MCC/UMKC graduated fewer than 250 combined IT and CS majors during the same time period.
  • 500+ Kansas City companies train their IT teams at Centriq annually.
  • 3,000+ Kansas City IT Pro’s and Developers trained at Centriq last year.
  • We have 20 high-tech classrooms in Kansas City.
  • We have 22 full-time staff instructors in Kansas City.
  • We offer free entry-level IT job placement for Kansas City companies.
  • 750+ Kansas City companies have hired our TechSmart KC program grads.
  • We delivered 22 free IT seminars in Kansas City last year.
  • We sponsored and attended 14 local IT conferences, trade shows and events.
  • We held 4 “free to employer” IT job fairs last year.
  • We hosted 96 user group meetings for free during that same time period.
  • We serve on the Membership Board of KC Tech Council.
  • We expect to present “Careers in IT” to over 50 high schools next year.